THE 14 BEST Wet Wipes
May 2022
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1. WaterWipes £25.33
(from 2 reviews)
2. Johnson's Baby £13.50
(from 604 reviews)
3. WaterWipes £19.00
(from 2 reviews)
4. Johnson's Baby £7.80
(from 124 reviews)
5. WaterWipes £9.00
(from 2 reviews)
6. Cheeky Wipes £13.00
(from 75 reviews)
7. Pampers £20.00
(from 278 reviews)
8. Johnson's Baby £14.88
(from 1 review)
9. Huggies £9.48
(from 175 reviews)
10. Johnson's Baby £9.99
(from 604 reviews)

Your Guide to buying Wet Wipes

In this guide we'll teach you everything you need to know about wet wipes, you may have thought there wasn't much to know, but you'd be surprised how much they can differ! Let's get started.

Types of Wet Wipes

Wet wipes come in two main types:

Flushable - these wet wipes are safe to flush down the toilet and will not cause blockages in the sewer system.

Non Flushable - these wet wipes are not safe to flush down the toilet, doing so may cause blockages in the sewer system. Always dispose of this type in the bin.

What other buyers are saying

Children with nappy rash - Buyers strongly recommend products that have few or no perfumes, the higher the water content the better.

Cost - As wet wipes are a disposable consumable buyers appreciate buying in bulk to get the best prices.

Amount of water - different brands have different moisture levels. Find the brand that gives your preferred level of wetness.

Drying out - some wipes are not as well packaged as other brands, cheaper packaging can allow the wipes to dry out before you've used them all.

What to look out for

When buying wet wipes you have to make a choice of whether you go for the all organic and pure route, or whether you are being more cost conscious and worrying less about synthetic ingredients.

You can get all organic material wet wipes but you will pay more for these. Non-organic material wet wipes tend to be cheaper.

The second thing to decide on is perfumed or non-perfumed. This is more of a personal choice, some wipes can have very strong smells, others almost none.

Most Popular Wet Wipe brands

Water Wipes - claim to be the worlds most pure baby wipes, 99.9% pure water.

Pampers - also well known for their range of nappies.

Huggies - Offer fragrance free baby wipes with 99% water.

Johnsons - well known company with huge range of products.