THE 10 BEST Weed Killers
May 2022
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1. Rosate £10.12
(from 624 reviews)
2. £25.00
(from 651 reviews)
3. Barclay £29.98
(from 1 review)
4. Rosate 36 £11.64
(from 411 reviews)
5. Roundup £5.74
(from 511 reviews)
6. Cloverleaf £44.80
(from 77 reviews)
7. Scotts Miracle-Gro £15.49
(from 196 reviews)
8. EverGreen £24.99
(from 1 review)
9. Inspired £5.99
(from 14 reviews)
10. Vitax Ltd £5.99
(from 10 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Weed Killers

If you have a garden and you treat it as your pride and joy, it's a nuisance to see weeds growing in it, especially during spring and summer.  More so when you catch weeds killing your prized plants and it can be a pain to use a lawnmower to strip off weeds.  And so, you result to using weed killers to do the job.  And so, this guide will discuss the different types of weed killers, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as a few of the most popular brands of weed killers.

Types of Weed Killers

Residual Weed Killers

These are the types of weed killers that are applied to the soil and their effects are potent enough for months or years.  Caution is applied when using such weed killer as it poisons the soil inhibits germination and photosynthesis.  So, it's no ideal to use it in areas that have edible plants.  It's only used in pathways and paving. 

Contact Weed Killers

These are commonly used in areas you want to kill or weaken the weeds it comes into contact with.  Also, these are fast-acting and can control annual perennial weeds.

Systemic Weed Killers

It kills weeds' roots but its effects is not seen immediately as it would take at least two weeks before results are seen.  It reduces protein and chlorophyll in plants and impedes growth hormonally.  Also, these can be applied to specific plants without damaging others that are planted nearby. 

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Mostly, buyers are going for weed killers that are fast-acting and are long-lasting.  Some of the feedback include:

Very effective at killing weeds. Just be patient and give it time to work through the roots before pulling up the withering weeds.

I used this spray a few week ago after having a serious weeds problem and nothing helping the cause. 10 days after using it all the weeds have died and were very easy to remove. I can only pray now that there isn't too much regrowth but from similar reviews its not too much hassle. I'd definitely purchase this again if needed.

I have used roundu for a few years now and it certainly does what it says on the just have to be a little bit patient with round up as the results are not instant

Concrete slabs cover a lot of the area in my garden, and weeds could be a constant problem. Not anymore. This weedkiller is the best that I have ever used. I have and will buy it again when needed.

Bought it to get rid of weeds and that horrible ivy in my garden, considering that it actually should be sprayed when are growing i can see small results already

What to Look Out for

It's important to check out the description f the weed killer that you are going to buy.  Make sure to check the ingredients and where you are going to apply the weed killer.   Be sure to follow the instructions in applying to your garden.

Most Popular Weed Killer Brands

Roundup - this is a fast-acting weed killer that removes weeds in 1-2 days and allows replanting as it doesn't leave harmful residue in the soil.

Compare-N-Save - can treat over 25,000 square foot lawns and it can kill both weeds and grasses in just a simple application.  What's good about it is that can kill weeds and grasses in both wet and warm weather.

Espoma - this is an organic weed killer that is not harmful to the environment and people.  Its effect is long-lasting  as it kills weeds by the roots.

Southern Ag Crossbow  - this is ideal for all kinds, types and sizes of lawns.  It is easy and safe to use and spreads easily in the area that you have applied with this weed killer.