THE 4 BEST Toilet Cleaners
September 2021
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1. Domestos £1.00
(from 106 reviews)
2. Duck £1.50
(from 73 reviews)
3. Jeyes £17.80
(from 17 reviews)
4. TreatMySepticTank £20.00
(from 86 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Toilet Cleaners

In a home, one of the rooms that need not only to be clean but also free from germs and bacteria is the toilet.  Imagine having guests in your home and they see that the toilet is less than to be desired and this can be very embarrassing to you as the home owner. 

And so, in this guide, we will mention the different types of toilet cleaners, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as a few of the popular toilet cleaners.

Types of Toilet Cleaners

Here are some of the toilet cleaning supplies that are used to spruce up this room:

Paper towels, microfibre cloths, sponges, and rubber gloves - these are used to clean the outer surface of the toilet and the gloves will protect your hands when you do this.  It's of utmost importance that the rubber gloves that you use for the toilet and the kitchen are different in order to protect the latter from harmful bacteria  and germs.

Toilet brush - this is used to clean the toilet bowl itself.  Be sure to invest in a good toilet brush as this will last for a long time.

All-purpose cleaning product - this can be used with a cloth or paper towel, which will clean the external part of the toilet--flush handles and hard to reach places.

Bleach - this is used to sanitize the toilet brush when you are not using it.  Put a small amount of bleach with water onto the toilet brush, swirl the brush around and leave it for 30 minutes.  Then, pour the bleach in the toilet bowl and flush it.

What Other  Buyers Are Saying

It's typical for buyers to favor concentrated thick liquid cleaners as these would clean more areas of the toilet and the toilet bowl and would provide long-lasting protection.  They also choose products that can remove both harmful bacteria and limescale without having to buy more than 1 product.

 What to Look Out for

It's very important for customers to buy cleaning products that clean their homes effectively, protect them from harmful bacteria and germs for a long time.  Also, they look for products that can perform 2 functions at the same time.  For instance, there are products that can both remove limescale and bacteria in the toilet without having to buy another cleaning solution.

Most Popular Toilet Cleaners

Domestos - a cleaning solution that removes all known bacteria and limescale.

Duck - a versatile cleaning product that kills 99.99% germs and leaves a long-lasting fragrance in the toilet.

BioBoost - manufactures septic tank cleaners in a form of a tablet.  It cleans the toilet bowl septic tank and lasts for a year.