THE 45 BEST Remote Controls
May 2022
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1. RKFUK £12.95
(from 6 reviews)
2. Allure-Estore £1.52
(from 5 reviews)
3. BROVACS £4.51
(from 27 reviews)
4. Fassport £7.59
(from 12 reviews)
5. Zyurong £3.46
(from 1 review)
6. Heart Horse £6.99
(from 2 reviews)
7. KKmoon £18.49
(from 7 reviews)
8. Automobile Locksmith £6.75
(from 15 reviews)
9. 9 MOON £7.99
(from 9 reviews)
10. Automobile Locksmith £0.52
(from 73 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Remote Controls

With the introduction of new technology, different types of remote controls are now available in the market.  An example of this is a keyless entry where all you need to do is to press a button in order to enter a car.  There are also universal controls that you can program in order to manipulate cars and other remote controlled devices.

In this guide, we'll discuss the different types of remote controls, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as a few of the most popular remote control brands.

Types of Remote Controls

Infrared - or IR technology, as it is popularly called, is a form of light that when set up to a specific frequency, can send unique bursts of IR light to a device.  When that happens, the device functions depending on what the control wants it to function.

Radio Frequency -  or RF technology, sends modulated wave form to a device and requires it to have an RF receiver in order to decode the signal and perform a specific function.

Wired remote controls - this requires the remote control to be attached to the device through a wired cable.  Control commands are sent from the remote control to the device through the wire.  However, the remote control can be configured to send RF or IR signals once it's wire is detached from the device.

WiFi - sends control signal through a WiFi network.  It uses RF technology but it requires the remote control to log in into a WiFI network and commucicate through a WiFi protocol.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Mostly, buyers use remote controls to replace the keys that they have for their cars.  it is pretty convenient to use these for opening and closing doors.  However, be sure to transfer the immobiliser chip from the original key to your remote control.  Because of you forgot to do this, your car won't start.  Also, it's cheaper to get these remote controls compared to buying FOB keys from car dealers or manufacturers.

What to Look Out for

It is of outmost importance to check the remote control if it has an immobilizer chip.  If not, then, it won't be able to start your car.  Also, be sure to check what specific car the remote control is compatible.

Most Popular Remote Control Brands

Automobile Locksmith - is a popular remote control brand that's sold on Amazon.  Fitting the immobilizer into the key can be quite tricky but once it fits, it's a good cheaper brand.

E-Senior - the key is perfect for opening and closing doors but be sure to transfer the immobiliser chip to start the car.

Surepromise -  manufacturers remote keys for VWs and the shell doesn't have microchips inside.  All you need to do is to fit in your battery and battery terminal.