THE 46 BEST Razor Blades
June 2022
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1. Gillette £14.02
2. Gillette £7.82
(from 8 reviews)
3. Wilkinson £6.90
(from 39 reviews)
4. Wilkinson £5.00
(from 99 reviews)
5. Venus £16.99
(from 51 reviews)
6. Gillette £9.55
(from 186 reviews)
7. Gillette £17.45
(from 100 reviews)
8. Wilkinson Sword £8.75
9. Wilkinson Sword £5.95
(from 55 reviews)
10. Venus £14.19
(from 9 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Razor Blades

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair--plucking, waxing and using razor blades.  It is up to you which one you would prefer in removing hair from your face, underarm sand legs.  And so, we would discuss the different types of razor blades, what other buyers are saying, what t look out for and some of the most popular brands in the market.

Types of Razor Blades

Disposable Razors

These razors are designed to be discarded after one or two shaves. The plastic handle is permanently attached to a shaving head.

Disposable razors are inexpensive and sold in packs of between ten and twenty.

They are a great stop gap solution in an emergency which makes them ideal for camping or travel. The convenience of a disposable razor means you end up carrying less in your travel bag.

They have a comfortable handle but the light weight of the razor forces more pressure on the grip. It adds to the discomfort as getting the right pressure for a relaxed shave becomes a challenge.

The blades are made of flimsy steel and stay sharp for just a couple of shaves. The quality of these razors is sub par. The inflexible shaving head and poor quality blades deliver uneven shaves and result in ingrown hairs on a man’s face.

Electric Razors

The popular choice of regular travelers and men who are constantly on the move.

The advantage of an electric razor is they can be used on the go. Even in a car just before a routine Marine Corps inspection

Unlike traditional shaving – an electric razor can be used without shaving cream. A bathroom sink and water are not necessary – although preferred.

They are rarely as effective as a double edge razor in giving a close shave. Though electric razors are convenient and quick – many men complain of irritated skin after using them.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors consist of a plastic or metal handle with a flexible center that allows the razor to follow the shape of your face. The replaceable cartridges contain up to six stainless steel blades.

The entire cartridge is replaced as needed. Each cartridge is effective for 3-4 shaves.

They are also the safest to use – a good shave takes about ten minutes and there is no danger of accidentally cutting while shaving.

The problem with these razors is the ever increasing price. At around $1 a shave – $350 a year, the replaceable cartridges are not easy on the pocket.

As the blade cuts through the beard – hair follicles get stuck in between the blades. Multiple passes are sometimes required to shave a cross section of stubble, causing shaving irritation and ingrown hairs.

These razors are environmentally wasteful and over time disposable razors work out more expensive than safety razors.

Decades of slick advertising claiming the advantages of a multi-blade cartridge over a razors hasn’t convinced men who are now making the switch to the remaining two types of razors.

Safety Razors

Now we’re going old school. Safety razors are probably what your grandfather and in some cases – your father used for his daily shave.

A slight edge of a single razor blade makes contact with the skin – preventing the blade from cutting into the skin.  Hence the name – safety razor.

These razors consist of a permanent handle with a metal head which holds a replaceable, single stainless steel razor blade with two sharp edges.

Double-edge razor blades require a very light touch to effectively shave your beard. Since so little pressure is required – most men find they do not suffer from shaving irritation, rash or ingrown hairs.

Safety razors require hours of practice before they become easy easy to use.  Careful attention is required to avoid nicks and small cuts. Also your initial investment is going to be higher (although within a couple months you’ll break even and then start saving money!)

Straight Razors 

Straight razors or Cut Throat Razors consist of a sharp blade that folds into the handle.

The permanent blade is made of hardened steel. The handle of the razor is made of wood, metal, horn, bone or plastic.

The blade and the handle are often engraved and customised to the preferences of the user.

The sharp edges of the blade provides the closest of shaves.

A straight razor will last forever but needs frequent stropping and honing to keep its metal edge straight and sharp.

A straight razor is the most cost effective method of shaving your face.

You can easily receive a serious injury from a straight razor because the blade can cut to any depth into your skin unless you are super careful.

It takes a lot of practice, skill, time and maintenance to get the process of shaving right with a straight razor.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When you buy a razor blade, be sure to choose ne that's right for you.  You may opt to buy an inexpensive brand like a disposable razor but you should be aware that though, this is cheap at face value, in the end, this is more expensive compared to buying an electric razor as the latter would last for a long period of time. 

And so, here are some feedback from customers who have purchased a popular razor blade brand:

I use Gillette Fusion cartridges not because they’re good but because they’re the only cartridges that fit in my Braun Cruzer Body shaver / razor thing. Fortunately, they also happen to be probably the best cartridges for all-over-body sculpting (aka ‘manscaping’) – large, sharp, smooth and relatively difficult to cut yourself with, even when you’re hacking away with something like the Cruzer at parts of yourself that you can’t easily see, except in a mirror. One or two passes with a Fusion is enough to get all but the most stubborn hairs, even when you can’t see exactly what you’re doing. Fusion cartridges also last quite a long time, with one lasting me several weeks of bi-weekly use; the added lube strip tends to be the first thing to wear out but, having used other Gillette cartridges both with and without one, it’s not at all necessary if you use a good shaving cream and lather up well. The one area that I wouldn’t quickly use a Fusion cartridge is on my face, and I tend to stick to other Gillette cartridges for that purpose. It’s not that I have a particular aversion to multi-blade cartridges, but I do think that two blades is more than enough, and Fusion’s larger size does take some getting used to when shaving tighter areas like under the nose or around sideburns. To assist with this, Proglide cartridges have a built-in ‘precision trimmer’, which is basically a secondary blade on the rear at the top, set back so that it’s not easy to catch yourself with unintentionally. Unfortunately I find this single blade less able and less useful than a smaller, two-blade cartridge that I can use all over my face. It is of course not that difficult to use the main blades for the entire face, but I find the smaller head size of something like a Sensor to be more conducive to shaving these areas.

I am a big fan of trying out various grooming products and I constantly change my facial hair. Usually when shaping my beard and shaving the skin I use a cut throat razor however I decided to try out Gillettes Fusion ProGlide. It is an excellent product that allows me to clean any unwanted stubble to give a smooth surface but and much more convenient when I want a quick shave before work. What really stands out for me is the precision trimmer which is smooth and gives me a 'decent' edge. I would still say it is not as accurate as a cut throat for those edges however it is still excellent, especially if you can't use a cut throat or you tend to cut yourself a lot with them. I usually use the Razor just by putting water on my face, shaving and washing making it quick and convenient

Amazon is by a long mile cheapest place to buy these blades, almost half price when compared to supermarkets. I find that these blades provide an excellent shave, It works out much cheaper to use the manual replacement blades over the power blades as they are almost identical other than the fact the colour is slightly different and that the power blades have a 'micro comb' which I find makes no difference at all to the shave.  These are excellent blades when used with shaving cream instead of foam or gel, plus cream provides a smoother shave with these blades.

What to Look Out for

When you buy a razor blade, it should be based on your requirements--price, quality and preference.  Don't skimp on your budget as your razor blade should last for a long time and you should not experience skin irritation.  Ask your barber for recommendation and take that into consideration.

Most Popular Brands

Gillette - is a household name that has been manufacturing razor blades and other related products for years.  It makes the thinnest and finest blades that aim to remove facial hair from your nose and sideburns.  It helps reduce pressure that causes skin irritation. 

Philips - is also a  household name that manufactures not just razor blades but appliances as well.  It has a razor blade that is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair.

Wilkinson - manufactures razor blades that are ideal for sensitive skin and it has a strip of aloe vera and jojob a oil to moisturize the skin.  The technology: 4 titanium coated blades for a smooth shave. Titanium coated styling blade on the back helps create precise edges around sideburns, beards and under the nose.