THE 71 BEST Polish Remover
June 2022
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1. MYLEE £4.99
(from 240 reviews)
2. OPI £7.30
(from 20 reviews)
3. HAZ £3.99
(from 673 reviews)
4. MYLEE £5.99
(from 240 reviews)
5. MYLEE £6.99
(from 265 reviews)
6. Wartner £3.69
(from 673 reviews)
7. SANWOOD £0.52
(from 241 reviews)
8. MIAO Xi £2.99
(from 137 reviews)
9. Salon System £6.65
(from 213 reviews)
10. MIAO Xi £2.02

Your Buying Guide to Polish Removers

For women mostly, having well-maintained hands and toes is a must as this is a sign of good grooming.  So, having your nails done every month to push cuticles and remove the ingrown nail is a way to pamper one's self.  But of course, in order to remove the nail polish, you would need a proper nail polish remover and this should be used to remove the nail polish applied to all fingers and toes.  

And so, in this guide, we would discuss the different nail polish removers, what other buyers are saying, what to look  our for and the different brands that are popular in the market.

Types of Nail Polish Removers


The 100 percent acetone is the best nail polish remover as it not only removes the polish on the fingers and the toes.  However, if  it also contains strengthening and nourishing additives like oil, it would take a longer time to remove the coloured polish.  Also, it's safe to use acetone because it would evaporate quickly and won't stay long on the nails.


This uses milder solvents like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate t remove nail polish.  It also uses moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol and soy to lessen the drying effect.  However, it would take a longer time in order to remove the polish.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Buying nail polish remover depends on the needs of the buyer.  If she wants to have the nail  polish removed quickly, then, her go to product is the pure acetone polish remover.  However, if she's concerned about having dry nails, then, she needs to buy a non-acetone based polish remover.

Here are some of the feedback that customers have regarding nail polish remover:

 Amazing product, removed my shellac no problems at all. Just soaked with a little bit of cotton wool secured with tin foil. Off in 10 minutes with a little bit of scraping.

I used this to remove gel nails and it was great. I used them with nail clips to help them soak (linked below) and it worked brilliant. This is also one of the best prices i have found for something that works so well!

Excellent quality and value for money. This is pure acetone and as with any chemical, follow all safety precautions when using it. I use this solely for the removal of nail polish from nail stamping plates, brushes and acrylic nails. It works well.

Removes acrylic nails really well.

What to Look Out for

When buying a nail polish remover, be sure to read the ingredients if it contains harmful chemicals as well as the reviews that the customers have abut the product.  It's pretty much difficult to know if the nail polish remover would work out for you but once you have tried a few of them, you would be able to find out what's perfect for you.

Most Popular Nail Polish Remover Brands

Haz - It contains 100% pure acetone that quickly removes the nail polish and artificial nails.

Jessica - It manufactures nail polish removers that are non-smear, non-oily and anti-fungal nail polish remover that are specifically made to be safe and effective in all types of nails.  Also, it quickly and very gently removes nail polish while leaving a light clean fragrance.

Mylee - This is a 100% pure acetone that is usually used in salons where it can remove all nail polish types--varnish, gel polish, nail tips, acrylics, fiberglass and even nail glue.

Sally Hansen - It doesn't only remove the nail polish but also moisturizes dry and brittle nails as it contains a mixture of vitamins and aloe vera.

Salon System -  This has a set that contains a nail cleanser as well as a remover.  It also sanitises the nail plate and wipes of gel residue.