THE 8 BEST Party Favours
December 2021
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1. Henbrandt £1.08
(from 525 reviews)
2. MunchieMoosKids £1.89
(from 760 reviews)
3. MunchieMoosKids £1.79
(from 1 review)
4. BOMIEN £1.00
(from 7 reviews)
5. MunchieMoosKids £0.92
(from 544 reviews)
6. Henbrandt £1.17
(from 968 reviews)
7. Anpro £3.99
(from 30 reviews)
(from 229 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Party Favours

Party favours have always been a part of kids and young at heart parties where these are provided as giveaways after the event ends.  These can be as simple as star novelty glasses or as posh as a cigarette holder that can be used for carnivals, theme parties and Halloween.

And so, in this guide, we are going to discuss the different types of party favours, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as the different popular brands of party favours.

Types of Party Favours

The types of party favours can depend on the occasion they are given to the attendees of such event.  Examples of events are as follows:


 Wedding favours are gifts given as token of appreciation and gratitude that the bride and the grooms have for the guests.  These can be small trinket boxes or figurines that receivers can use as ornamental displays.


 Gifts that can be given can be as simple as a small toy or a gift bag that contains toys, candy, pencils and other small trinkets.


Favours the can be given at the christening can be candy in a jar with the photo of the child, personalized vintage milk jars or religious themed trinket box.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

For people who have time to make their own party favours, all they got to do is to buy the materials and create the giveaways they would provide their guests.  But for those who don't have enough creativity or they are on the go, they can look for party favours online and choose which ones would be a fit for the party that they are going to hold. 

Some of the feedback that buyers have on a snake party favour are as follows:

These are so string and stretchy and just fun to look at and play with!  Had them in my braids for Halloween so I look like Medusa also and was so much fun as they are real like in movement and so durable.  Also stretch up to about 6 inches plus! Love them

Got these for party bags and they looked ok but was a bit concerned they might get confused for sweets so didn't end up using.

Just tiny snakes , I bought for daughter s party bag

What to Look Out for

When choosing party favours  for your occasion, make sure that these fit the theme of the party.  After doing so, canvass for the best deals and read reviews to help you decide which favours you are going to buy.  Mostly, these would be helpful in making your choice.

Most Popular Party Favours Brands

Henbrandt - It manufactures dinosaur gliders that are popular in children's parties.  It has an impressive wing span that can glide as much as you like.

Unique Party - It makes many types of party favours that are fit for beach parties, birthdays, pool party of summer party.

Smiffy's - It makes party favours that fit to be given in carnivals, themed parties as well as Halloween.