THE 8 BEST Outdoor String Lights
May 2022
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1. Joyin® £35.99
(from 167 reviews)
2. Goodia £7.99
(from 737 reviews)
3. Annengjin £13.99
4. Litom £19.90
(from 250 reviews)
5. Frostfire £12.99
(from 134 reviews)
6. Ascher £12.50
(from 49 reviews)
7. LINGKU £9.45
(from 122 reviews)
8. Panpany £9.99
(from 203 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Outdoor String Lights

Do you want to have a garden party with friends and family at night?  Do you want to have attractive fairy lights displayed outside?  Do you want to have colored lights or plain white lights?  Don't fret as this guide would discuss the different types of outdoor lights, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and a few of the popular outdoor string lights.

Types of Outdoor String Lights

Galvanized European String Lights - are string lights that are big and use 25-40 watts of electricity.  Some examples of these type of lights are petal shaped galvanized European string lights, café string lights, vintage dropped string lights and multicolor mini strong lights.

LED and Solar - are string lights that are charged by the sun.  Two examples of these string lights are solar-powered string lights and solar string lights.

Battery powered - two examples are mesh multicolor battery operated string lights and white block lights.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Mostly, buyers go for solar outdoor lights as these are long-lasting compared to other types of outdoor lights.  Also, these are cheaper in the long run as their power source is the sun.

What to Look Out For

When shopping for outdoor string lights, be sure to check out the durability of the lights as this would determine how long you can use them.  Check for the power source of the lights and make sure to go for those that are cheap in order to save money.

Most Popular Outdoor String Lights

Panpany - uses solar power to charge the lights and automatically turns on at night time.

Ascher - uses solar power and is charged for 6-8 hours and can last for 8-10 hours.  Manganese is added to the batteries to enable the lights to charge in the winter.

Frostfire -uses solar power.  Just charge it during the day and automatically switch on during the night.  What's good about these lights is that they are waterproof.