THE 115 BEST Mascaras
June 2022
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1. Maybelline £4.42
(from 492 reviews)
2. Grande Naturals £33.99
(from 105 reviews)
3. blinc £21.50
(from 63 reviews)
4. Maybelline £5.35
(from 160 reviews)
5. Max Factor £2.79
(from 298 reviews)
6. Maybelline £3.68
(from 223 reviews)
7. Max Factor £3.98
(from 360 reviews)
8. Rimmel £3.63
(from 26 reviews)
9. L'Oréal £5.81
(from 39 reviews)
10. Max Factor £6.16
(from 522 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Mascaras

Your eyes are one of the first things that a person notices about you.  You can highlight your eyelashes with the use of mascaras regardless of how thick or think these are.

And so, in this buying guide, we'll discuss the different types of mascaras, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Mascaras

Classic Mascara Wand 

The standard classic mascara wand is probably a favourite of every mascara-loving woman! (Think Maybelline’s Great Lashes Mascara)

This style of wand (especially if it has thick bristles) will give your lashes a more voluminous result.

Buy a classic wand mascara here and here

Tapered Comb Mascara Wand

The pointed end of a tapered mascara wand will help you reach those small lashes towards the inner corner of the eye. The larger end of the wand head meanwhile concentrates the formula on the outer lashes thus helping you to create a dramatic cat-eye look.

The comb-like bristles on this particularly wand will help separate the lashes. This type of wand is great for full coverage but not so much for creating volume.

Curved Comb Mascara Wand

The purpose of the curved mascara wand is always to curl the lashes.

The wand head mimics the natural curl of the lashes while the purpose of the comb is to prevent clumps from occurring.

Micro Wand

You would think that the bristle-heavy wands would be best for coverage but that’s not always the case! A micro wand is wonderful for achieving that clean, defined look.

This type of wand is great for layering mascara without it clumping. A micro wand also makes for a mess-free application on those lower lashes!

Fat Brush Wand 

The fatter the wand, the fatter the lashes!

If you’re after a voluminous doll-eyed look, then this is the style of wand to go for.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When you buy a mascara, it should be dependent on the type of eyelashes that you have and what kind of look you want to achieve.   Also, consult with you makeup artist with what works for you.

Here are some of the feedback that a mascara product has received from customers:

Most favourite mascara ever for my lashes! The proof? Check out my before and after pic. The first pic was about a year earlier using a different mascara and yes my eyebrows have also improved since then lol!

This is the second time I've bought this and the price is good, however I'm concerned that it is not all it seems as instead of being shrink sealed, the mascara was sealed with a strip of sellotape. I've looked at the same product in store and they are are all shrink wrapped from bottom to mid top in a firm plastic. Hmmm.....

This mascara is amazing. Because of the style of the wand, this mascara separates my lashes well, giving me a lovely long, false-lash effect and it rarely smudges. However, it also has good staying power and cleaning it off involves gently massaging my lashes with oil for quite a while. Still, it's the best mascara I've used so far and I would buy it again.

What to Look Out for

There are a number of mascara that are available in the market so, be sure to pick one that is right for you.  Consult with your makeup artist with what would make your mascara long and luscious and that would not smudge.  Also, check with your dermatologist if it's safe to use it as you may have allergies from using the mascara.

Most Popular Brands

Maybelline - is a household name as it's a manufacturer of different types of makeup that has been around for a long time.  It makes mascara that has inner bristles to capture tiny lashes, outer bristles that volumize and define the look of longer lashes and  gives a multiplied lash look.

  Max Factor -  is another well-known brand that makes makeup.  It has created a mascara that has a unique brush with patented, thermoplastic elastomer technology and 50% more bristles.  Its brush contacts and coats more of each lash when you sweep the mascara wand through your lashes.

L'Oreal - is also another well-known brand made in France.  It crates a long lashes look that stretches every lash for an intense appearance.