THE 5 BEST Lunch Boxes
July 2021
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1. Sistema £5.00
(from 749 reviews)
2. Crystal £19.95
(from 14 reviews)
3. RSW £4.46
4. Sistema £6.99
(from 748 reviews)
5. Thermos £6.00
(from 207 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Lunch Boxes

When you are on a budget, your instinct is to bring lunch with you when you are at school or at work.  Whenever you take food with you, of course, you need something to keep them in in order for them to be kept fresh for your consumption.

And so, we'll discuss the different types of lunch boxes, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Lunch Boxes

Insulated Lunch Box

With this lunch box, packing a balanced lunch is easy. It's comprised of three containers, which are perfect for storing your main course and two sides, and comes with an insulated case to keep your meal warm or cold for longer. As a bonus, this model is slim enough to fit in your work bag, and it's leak-proof, so you won't get soy sauce all over your laptop.

Cooler Lunch Box

This is a handsome choice if you don't mind bringing a second bag to work.  It does have ample space for your containers, beverages, and utensils.

Bento Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes can look nice, too. A bento lunch box, for example, looks sharp and keeps your food fresh without bulking up your bag. Its two 500mL airtight containers feature adjustable dividers — a convenient way to keep your lunch and mid-day snack separate.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When  you buy a lunch box, it should be based on your preference and needs.  If you want your food to be either hot or cold for a few hours, use an insulated lunch box or a cooler lunch box.  On the other hand, if you want a lunch box that is not bulky, go for a bento lunch box.

Here are some of the feedback received by one of the lunch boxes:

This is a soft insulated lunch box which will easily hold the whole lunch for one person (or even small lunch for two people) or snacks. It is a good size for day outings or to take lunch to work. The sides are semi-soft so they stay up and the box maintains its shape when closed and/or filled but when the box open, the box shape is not maintained fully. There is enough space for freeze blocks too, especially if they are slim-line. The outer as well as inner material is good quality and strong and sturdy, both can be wiped clean. There is a zipped pocket at the top which is big enough for serviettes or for foldable compact cutlery (the pocket would fit cutlery 5 inches/12.5 cm long at its deepest side).

This was a good purchase, it's well made and cleans up nicely, it has lasted considerably longer than similar products I have bought on the high street in the past.

Sturdy, holds sufficient for a child's packed lunch including an ice pack.

What to Look Out for

When you purchase a lunch box, be sure to choose a sturdy box that would last a long time.  There are many kinds of lunch boxes out there so, choose one that would fit you.  If you want your food to stay fresh and hot or cold for a while,  pick one that would be able to maintain that.  There are also lunch boxes that are not that big and would only require a small space.

Most Popular Brands

Thermos - This is a popular brand that manufactures lunch boxes, coolers and drink containers for a long time and is already a household name. 

Sistema - This is a popular brand in the UK that is a multi-compartment lunch box.  it has a water bottle, compartments to keep food separate and is dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe.

Vacuumsaver - This manufactures lunch boxes that are vacuum packed so, the food maintain freshness and is microwave safe.