THE 11 BEST Lotions
June 2022
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1. Weleda £5.00
(from 306 reviews)
2. Weleda £5.00
3. Aveeno Baby £2.99
(from 36 reviews)
4. Burt's Bees £5.99
(from 159 reviews)
5. Metanium £2.20
(from 185 reviews)
6. Aveeno Baby £3.00
(from 40 reviews)
7. Drapolene £6.65
(from 107 reviews)
8. Palmer's £1.21
(from 21 reviews)
9. Johnson's £1.70
(from 25 reviews)
10. Salcura £6.69
(from 37 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Lotions

There are many lotions in the market that you can buy for different purposes.  There are those that you buy which would make your skin supple.  There are those that protect your skin from the sun.  There are also those that you use when you massage your body.  Nevertheless, we're here to help you as we guide you in buying the right lotion for you.

Types of Lotions

Body lotion - the most common type of lotion in the shop that you can buy.  It's for protecting your skin from dryness and moisturizing your body.

Suntan lotion - this particularly protects your skin from the sun and it has SPF levels that you should consider in using to safeguard your skin from the heat.

Massage lotion - this is particularly used in spas and massage parlors and they use different types of oils with different types of scents.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Other customers are stating that they enjoy the scent of the lotions that they buy as well as the way they moisturize the skin,  However, there are those in the market that may not work as advertised.  For example, lotions that claim to remove stretch marks don't really do the trick.  All they do is moisturize the skin and possess good fragrance.

What to Look Out for

When buying lotion, read the bottle for the ingredients used as well as the directions on how to apply it on your body.  Also, consult a professional like a dermatologist to make sure that the lotion doesn't cause allergies in your skin.

Most Popular Lotion Brands

Garnier - one of the most popular brands, these are dermatologically tested and sells excellent moisturizing lotions.

Palmer's - manufactured in the US, it's made with natural ingredients and is dermatologically tested.

Naqi - a popular massage lotion that makes the skin smooth and easy to massage and completely hydrated after a massage.