THE 98 BEST Lipsticks
May 2022
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1. Laval £0.50
(from 308 reviews)
2. Anself £6.89
3. Rimmel £3.63
(from 287 reviews)
4. Rimmel £4.10
(from 21 reviews)
5. Lipcote £3.45
6. Burt's Bees £7.84
(from 41 reviews)
7. Max Factor £4.40
(from 436 reviews)
8. Max Factor £4.90
(from 106 reviews)
9. Barry M £4.24
(from 162 reviews)
10. L'Oréal £5.00
(from 395 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Lipsticks

Putting makeup on your face is like art--choosing the right cosmetics that would make your look pop and presentable.  One of the critical makeup accessory is lipstick as this would enhance your lips' color and highlight your appearance.  And so, we're going to discuss the different types of lipsticks, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular brands.

Types of Lipsticks

Satin (also known as sheer)

The thing about satin lipsticks is that sometimes they can be unintentionally misleading.

Because most are diluted with oils, the true shade of the lipstick usually differs slightly from what you see on the packaging so it tends to be somewhat lighter when applied to the lips.

For those of us with dry lips however, satin lipsticks are a Godsend as they keep lips moisturised. Unfortunately, even though they are beautiful on, they offer very little coverage and need to be reapplied on a regular basis.

The ‘satin’ term means lips are left with a nice sheen, just not a gloss-level sheen.

Matte lipstick (also known as velvet finish)

The brilliant thing about matte lipstick is its longevity. A good matte colour will not only stay put, it will also make lips look super smooth. Some will offer that fab velvety finish.

Matte lipsticks give full coverage and can make lips look slightly fuller, especially when combined with the lip over-lining technique.

Liquid lipstick (also known as gloss lipstick /etc) 

Heavily pigmented matte lip glosses are often referred to as liquid lipsticks.

Regardless of what you call them, they are designed to give lips lots of texture and as a result they make thin lips appear slightly fuller.

Moisturising lipstick 

If your lip balm is almost an extension of your arm, or if you suffer from dry chapped lips, then you need to go for lipsticks with highly moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E, aloe, and Jojoba Oil.

While a moisturising lipstick will have a glossy finish, the downside of course is that you will have to reapply regularly as they are not very long-lasting.

Cream matte lipstick 

Cream lipsticks (or cream matte lipsticks) are quite waxy in terms of texture and even though they give lips a smooth matte result, the formula is not as ‘tough’ as a matte one.

The great thing about cream matte lipsticks is that they offer a high pigment while at the same time being very moisturising and long lasting.

Frosted (also known as pearl) lipstick 

First things first. We’re NOT talking about those heavily frosted lipsticks that were in every girl’s makeup bag back in the 90’s. (Remember how every pop star used to wear those?)

No, what we’re talking about are the lipsticks that have a nice pearlised, almost slightly metallic, finish. They reflect the light so your lips are left with a beautiful pigmented effect.

Some will even have a touch of shimmer in them making them the perfect lipstick for a night time makeup look.

If you are going for a pearlised lipstick, be sure to get one that has moisturising properties as sometimes the frosted effect can leave lips feeling dry.

Lip stain 

Not quite a lipstick, but still deserves a mention here.

A lip stain (which usually comes in the form of a matte finish) is designed to be fuss-free making it perfect for those busy days.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are many kinds of lipsticks that you can choose from so, buy one based on the condition of your lips.  For example, if you have dry, chapped lips, choose a moisturizing lipstick.  Also, be sure to read on the reviews so, you can get an idea of what to get for yourself.  Here are some feedback that a popular brand of lipstick has received from its customers:

This is a nice lippy - I bought the Rosewood shade hoping it would suit my 'cool' skin tone, and it was a good guess. Always difficult to gauge right when buying from the 'net, but I hate shopping for makeup on the high street and I don't want to spend a fortune either.
This gives a good, soft colour, satiny pigments. Ideal for mature skins, it's not glossy or shiny, but neither is it like a dry crayon.
Subtle, pleasant scent, easy to apply straight or with a lip brush.  Colour stays on, no 'bleeding' or slipping, but has nice moisturising qualities.

I don't wear much makeup, mainly just for work, so it needs to look fairly natural, and this shade does the job nicely.
I didn't like the lipstick case - the top felt a bit cheap and I did wonder if the product was going to be everything it should have been, but the case is Max Factor 'watermarked' and so is the lipstick, which also looks, feels and smells nice, so any 'doubts' were allayed.

Lovely colour and moisturising quality but can't stand perfumed cosmetics, especially lipsticks. Would not buy again for this reason but perfect if you don't mind this.

My favourite lipstick. People always comment on it. Lasts well, especially as I use Lipcote too. Very speedy delivery. It's good to know you have something that works well for you so you don't have to search for a product. Colour very close to what was on the screen. I use the Dusky Rose and English Rose and have sometimes been known to use them as blushers too! Very pleased with this product.

What to Look Out for

When buying a lipstick, it should depend on the condition of your lips and what suits your skin color.  Read the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to this cosmetic product.  Also, ask your makeup artist for recommendation on what to get.

Most Popular Brands

Max Factor - is a popular US brand that manufactures lipsticks with moisturizing ingredients perfect for dry, chapped lips.  Also, it helps smoothen your lips in 7 days.

Rimmel - is a popular UK brand that creates lipsticks, which can stay on your lips for 8 hours straight and are easy to use.

Burt's Bees -  is a popular brand that creates lipsticks, which are composed of natural ingredients like shea butter, kendi oil and jojoba oil in order to moisturize the lips.  At the same time, these don't have added fragrances or flavor.