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May 2022
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1. Lucas £6.20
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3. miss pouty £2.97
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4. MILANI £8.26
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5. Avon £5.95
6. Bag Balm £6.25
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7. NEW DAIZ £0.01
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8. Just Crystals Boutique £1.99
9. Beauties Factory £1.00
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10. Naturaleve £6.99
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Your Buying Guide to Lip Masks

Are your lips dry and cracked?  Do you want fuller, pouty and sexier lips?  Then, consider using lip masks that contain ingredients like collagen, which hydrates and moisturizes your lips so, they would look luscious and full.

And so, we would discuss in this buying guide the different types of lip masks, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Lip Masks

Paper Collagen Mask

Paper collagen masks are infused with ingredients employing a freeze-dried method so, that your lips absorb the ingredients.  The mask is activated by water.  However, the paper mask is not as effective as a gel mask because it's not very thick.  But even so, it can provide hydrating benefits.

Collagen Infused in a Cream

Even if collagen infused in a cream works, the effects of the  ingredients get diluted.  When using ingredients such as glycolic, collagen or Vitamin A, a serum is must more effective than putting the ingredients into a cream.  If you want products that provide good results, buy products that have the least amount of ingredients.

Hydrogel Collagen Mask

The hydrogel collagen mask comes in two forms--clear and 24kK gold collagen mask.  Both works fine but the gold mask has the attributes of real gold powder and the inherent healing properties of gold.  Hydrogel collagen mask works better than paper and cream because it allows the skin to absorb collagen, vitamins and glycosaminoglycans.  Thus, it makes the skin more hydrated, elastic and pliable.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When buying lip collagen masks, consider one that helps your lips absorb more active ingredients, which would make your lips fuller and sexier.  Read on the ingredients and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.  so, it's best that you check in with your dermatologist before you use a lip mask.

Here are some of the feedback on a lip cream that's available on Amazon:

Product did not live up to the hype. I am very prone to dry/chapped lips since I suffer from eczema and have very sensitive skin, but this product did nothing to help. However, on the plus side, it did not make my lips any worse. The mask is very fiddly and I had difficulty keeping it on my face as it does not stick to the lips, and instead just lays on top of the skin like a rubbery, wet, slippery sheet, so best way to keep it on would be to lie down. To conclude, product made absolutely no changes to the appearance/condition of my lips.

At first I was using them every night/every other night and even after once use noticed a difference.

Fantastic if your using then for a special occasion but I doubt many people have the time or money to use them every night.

Only just received this used one must say smells nice but as yet don't feel very pouty. After using it a few times the lines on my top lip do seem reduced so I have change my star rating

What to Look Out for

As you age, your skin changes and loses collagen, which makes  your skin hydrated and supple.  Masks help in order to hydrate your skin, including your lips. 

Before you buy a lip mask, read on the reviews that other customers have said so, that you get informed about their experience with the product.  Also, it would be good to check with dermatologist on what lip mask you should use.  that way, you can be assured that it's the right product for you.

Also, choose a mask that's easy to apply.  Go for masks that come in a package, making your experience at home similar to a spa treatment.

Most Popular Brands of Lip Masks

Miss Pouty - manufactures lips masks that are deeply hydrating and moisturizing.  It fights the signs of aging and revitalizes the skin.  Thus, it brightens the skin and protects it from the sun.  Also, it gradually dissolves under body temperature and permeates quickly into the skin, providing nutrients and moisture that the skin needs.

Crystal Gold -  manufactures lip masks that gets rid of the dryness of the lips and fights the signs of aging.  It is infused with natural ingredients like lavender essential oil and dissolves under body temperature and permeates quickly into the skin.  Thus, it provides the nutrients and the moisture that your kin needs.