THE 5 BEST Home Fragrance Accessories
May 2022
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1. Yankee Candle £5.99
(from 126 reviews)
2. Poo-Pourri £5.95
(from 1 review)
3. Poo-Pourri £6.13
(from 1 review)
4. HuaYang £0.16
5. Baylis & Harding £10.99
(from 12 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Home Fragrance Accessories

Having a home that smells nice puts you in a good mood when you do household chores.  Just imagine coming from work stressed out and you get in to your home with an amazing scent, it just melts your stress away.  And so, we're going to discuss the different types of home fragrance accessories, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Home Fragrance Accessories


Feminine fragrances aren't just about wearing a dressing gown and taking baths. Far from it actually. To me, these soft, gentle fragrances are perfect for the times you want to feel relaxed and relish in those home comforts. For when you want to feel cared for. Think cuddles with your loved ones or falling asleep on the sofa. 


Use these home scents for moments of reflection. Meditation, yoga, moon gazing or other such activities! These are perfect for when you want to really tune in to yourself, get grounded and feel the higher power man!


Fresh, citrusy scents are best suited to summer days or when you want to energise your home. Think Saturday morning before you have guests visit, or just after you've spring cleaned your flat.


Masculine scents are a little woody, complex and mysterious. I think they work best in the evening or for cold winter nights and can be quite romantic too. They also make me think of countryside manor houses and typical english gentlemen - Downton Abbey eat your heart out.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are many types of home fragrances available like plug-ins, essential oils and diffusers.  Buying one depends on your budget and preference.  You can have your toilet smelling nice or you can get home fragrances for your entire house.  But before you purchase a home fragrance, read on other buyers' feedback to get to know their firsthand experience with their purchase.

Here are some reviews that customers have left for one of the popular fragrances sold in the UK:

I give it 3 as to me it smells very chemically, possibly the newness of the plu. Also in my opinion, it doesn't smell like baby powder, some reviews said smells like Johnsons nope, not for me I stick to glade, airwick in future.

I was really suprised at how nice and strong these smell. There's only a few scents I like and with this been a plug in I thought it might not be as good as the candles or melts but it's actually nicer and loads easier as it's a plug in.

While I am not into candles as such, I do like these scented plug-in fragrances which I find safer to use in my home. Pets cannot knock them over and there is no hot wax to spill.  I prefer the fruity fragrance of Raspberry, Black Cherry and Lavender and Citronelle being one of my options too.  This Red Raspberry plug-in has a good lasting scent even when switched to the lowest setting which is fine for my small living room. If I turn them up too high then they tend to make any visitors sneeze.  Another one in the entrance hall gives a sense of overall freshness.

What to Look Out for

Before buying a home fragrance accessory, read the ingredients and check if you are allergic to the chemicals.  Also, take note of how long it would last so, that  you'll know when to replace it.  There are many fragrances available so, choose one that you like and where you are going to place them inside your home.

Most Popular Brands

Yankee Candle - is a brand that manufactures home fragrance accessories, which are easy to use and switch out and can last 4-6 weeks.

Poo-Pourri - is a brand that manufactures essential oils, which are used to mask foul odor in the toilet.  When you flush, a light fresh scent fills the air.

Amir - is a brand that manufactures aromatherapy oil diffusers that can be plugged in to an electric outlet.  Also, it humidifies the air to prevent stuffy, dry air as well as flu/cold germs.