THE 75 BEST Hair Sprays
May 2022
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1. TIGI Bed Head £6.99
(from 103 reviews)
2. TOPPIK £11.95
(from 48 reviews)
3. This Works £16.99
(from 50 reviews)
4. Toni & Guy £3.99
(from 103 reviews)
5. Toni & Guy £4.00
(from 77 reviews)
6. Sun-In £6.74
(from 159 reviews)
7. Ors £4.29
(from 69 reviews)
8. TRESemme £3.34
(from 89 reviews)
9. L'Oréal £5.32
(from 19 reviews)
10. HoneyBee Gardens £18.59
(from 59 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Hair Sprays

Your hair is your crowning glory so, you need to make sure that it stays neat and groomed well since hair sprays keep the hair in place.  Headbands, scrunchies and rubber bands can make your hair look good but in order to have your hair look better,  you need to use grooming products such as a hair spray.  There are different hair sprays out in the market but you need to be aware of the products that suit your hair because applying such a product that you are allergic to would be disastrous.  And so, in this guide, we would discuss the different types of hair sprays that are available, what other buyers are saying, tips on how to buy hair sprays as well as different brands of hair sprays that you can choose from.

Types of Hair Sprays

Finishing spray - is the last product you're going to apply on your hair.  This makes your hairdo shine or stay matte depending on your preference.

Texture spray - is the same as dry shampoo but the difference is that it doesn't leave residue on the hair and it doesn't lessen the oil on the hair.  Also, it's perfect for creating hair volume.

Shine spray - is a finishing spray that would add shine to your hairdo but there are other types of this product that would hold your hair in place.

Thermal spray - this is used when you are using hot tools to style your hair.   What's good about this product is that it keeps moisture from evaporating from your crowning glory.  Also, there are thermal sprays that are good for the hair as it contains minimal alcohol unlike traditional hairsprays that cause damage.

Freeze spray - is the strongest type of hair spray that's sure to hold your hair into place.

Volumizing spray - is also known as thickening spray.  It makes your hair thicker and fuller.

Weightless spray - this is extremely light and it's perfect for those who have fine hair.

Shaping spray - is a finishing spray that allows you to brush your hair after styling.  What's good about this type of spray is that it gives your hair a natural bounce while having your hair stay in place.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are a lot of hair sprays available online and both in stores.  There are detanglers, sprays that retouches the roots as well as finishing sprays.  There are also those that protects your hair from humidity and stickiness.  Also, there are hair sprays that are harmful to the environment that make use of regular aerosol cans.  So, it would be recommended to buy products stored in spray containers.

  What to Look Out For

When shopping for hair sprays, be sure to check out the reviews that rates these products.  Make sure that the hair spray that you buy is contained in a spray container and not in an aerosol can as it damages the environment.  Also, what's important is to check the ingredients that make up a hair spray so, as to make sure that you are not allergic to the product.

Most Popular Hair Spray Brands

Main 'n Tail - is a line f hair care products that is manufactured in the US.  Some of  the products consist of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and detanglers.

TRESemmé - is a line of styling products that is a bit pricey compared to other products. 

L'Oreal Expert Professionnel - is a product line of hair care and styling products made in Paris.