THE 53 BEST Hair Dryers & Accessories
May 2022
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1. Remington £13.91
(from 1 review)
2. TRESemme £11.96
(from 197 reviews)
3. ghd £89.00
(from 4 reviews)
4. TRESemme £19.76
(from 1 review)
5. Lee Stafford £24.49
(from 212 reviews)
6. BaByliss £26.66
(from 270 reviews)
7. Panasonic £59.99
(from 128 reviews)
8. Remington £9.59
(from 33 reviews)
9. TRESemme £18.99
(from 349 reviews)
10. Remington £22.16
(from 57 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Hair Dryers and Accessories

Your hair is your crowning glory and it's one of the first few things that other people notice about you.  If you have an unkempt hair, others won't take you seriously.  And so, we would be discussing the different types of hair dryers and accessories, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and a few of the most popular brands.

Types of Hair Dryers and Accessories

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers emit gentler heat as the heating elements are coated with, what else, but ceramic. So, the heat that they give out is not as excessive and damaging to the hair.

Ceramic also has good conduction properties so that the heat is more evenly spread out which prevents a certain spot from overheating. In other words, there is less chance of a burn.

Generally, ceramic hair dryers are good for everyday use and beneficial for people with normal to fine hair.

Infrared Hair Dryers

Infrared hair dryers can penetrate from within so that they can quicken the drying time. The heat is infused deep inside the hair cuticle so that the drying process is not only happening on the surface of the strands.

Infrared heat is also known for its consistent temperature and even heat distribution. This is why it makes a suitable component for a hair dryer.

Ionic Hair Dryers

With ceramic hair dryers, many manufacturers have also added another component to these appliances to make them ionic models. Basically, ionic hair dryers are shooting out negative ions to break down the water molecules to speed up the drying time of your hair.

Apart from this function, the ionic hair dryers can also help to close off your hair cuticles to trap moisture. That is why this type of hair dryers are recommended for people with dry and frizzy hair.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Generally, tourmaline hair dryers are more costly than the rest but you can look at them as an upgrade from their ionic counterparts.

What this means is that they have more negative ions to discharge to increase the shine of your hair and they can reduce the drying time to a considerably shorter duration. Some tests have shown that they can reduce drying time to nearly half of that of ionic hair dryers.

Hence, people with frizzy and damaged hair could possibly benefit from these hair dryers. So do people with thick hair that takes forever to dry.

Titanium Hair Dryers

Titanium has also been integrated into hair dryers these days to give a lightweight option to users. Some manufacturers have claimed that they are 40% lighter compared to the regular ceramic hair dryers.

Titanium also gives off a consistent high temperature which penetrates your hair to dry it off quickly. With a quick dry time, there is a lower risk of your hair being over-exposed to the heat and causing damage.

The advantage of titanium hair dryers is that they are light enough for you to hold one while styling without tiring out your arm. And if you have thick hair that takes a long time to dry, a lightweight hair dryer may also be a more ideal model.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When you buy a hair dryer, choose one that's right for you depending on the hair type that you have.  Some hair dryers are good for managing dry hair while others are good for managing frizzy and damaged hair.

Below are some feedback that the hair dryer TRESemme 5543U Salon Professional Diffuser Dryer has received from its customers:

The best hairdryer I have ever had! It's very practical, it doesn't need a lot space, it's powerful and I can say it's beautiful.

The 3 settings are called 'Ultimate control with three heat/speed settings' However there is no control of heat - each of the 3 speed settings gives air of exactly the same temperature - I was disappointed with this inaccuracy as I bought it to replace a hairdryer which gave me 3 heat settings with 3 speed settings which this is not.
Very lightweight and quiet, however the electric flex is not particularly long.
It does the job of drying hair but is not as described

A really great hairdryer. Very powerful but not heavy at all.

What to Look Out for

When you purchase a hair dryer, ask your stylist what would work for you based on the hair type that you have and if you can withstand the heat that the dryer generates.  It should also depend on how much electricity the dryer consumes when you use it and the weight you want it to have.

Most Popular Brands

TRESemme - is a well-known hair care and salon product line that manufactures hair dryers that uses ionic conditioning technology to improve the look and feel of your hair for a high -shine finish.  Also, it's designed to last with three year guarantee, salon length cord and easily removable filter.

Remington - produces hair dryers that are ideal for fast, easy styling as these are ionic hair dryers.  It helps reduce frizz and achieve sleek and shiny results.

Panasonic - is a well-known brand of electronic appliances that manufactures nanoe hair dryers, which add volume, minimizes frizz and reduces damage to hair from brushing.  It has three heat and speed settings with three hair styling attachments for different styling.