THE 43 BEST Gift Sets
June 2022
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1. Chnli £1.99
(from 29 reviews)
2. swell £21.99
(from 32 reviews)
3. Catwalk £25.05
(from 3 reviews)
4. ViolaSkin £14.97
(from 79 reviews)
5. MO BRO'S £9.99
(from 490 reviews)
6. MO BRO'S £19.99
(from 62 reviews)
7. Deva Curl £37.92
(from 2 reviews)
8. Moroccanoil £41.20
(from 5 reviews)
9. Moroccanoil £56.33
10. Men Rock £29.50
(from 253 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying a Gift Set

When an important occasion comes up like a birthday of your family, friend or special someone, you sometimes struggle what to buy for him or her.  If you don't particularly know what to get, it's always safest to buy a gift set that can be used.  For example, you can buy a set of shampoo, conditioner and lotion if you know that your special someone would enjoy.

And so, in this guide, we'll discuss the different types of gift sets, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular gift set brands.

Types of Gift Sets

Edible Gift Set

One of the easiest type to buy is a food gift set.  Who can resist cheese, wine, biscuits and snacks?  You can also buy spreads, tea, cured pork, sweets and cookies.

Body Care Products Gift Set

If your significant someone loves to take relaxing baths, for example, you can get skin care products.   An example is composed of body wash, shampoo and lip balm.  Another example is hand and body cream,  face and neck cream and lip balm.

Fragrance Gift Set

This is the most popular gift set in the market.  Usually, when buying a fragrance gift set consists of perfume or cologne and a lotion.  An example is  a cologne with a body cream packaged in one set.

 Hobby Gift Set

If your significant someone doesn't care for food or hair care or body care products, you can go for hobby gift sets such as golf and that contains accessories that are used in this type of sports.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Usually, gift sets are given in cases where you don't know what your significant someone likes.  Some of the feedback on a golf set are:

Handy pocket sized club head cleaner, would have given 5 stars if the middle groove cleaner was made from steel not plastic as its point will soon wear but it's very cheap and does a good job of removing light dirt.

took a loooooooong time to arrive but v useful - i bought after spotting fellow player using in comp------

Cheap little item that does the job and small enough to not get in the way of anything in your bag. The retractable brushes stop it snagging but not sure how long it will last but for 75p - you cant really go wrong can you.
Just for note it did take 4 weeks to arrive as it came from China hence the delivery charge being 3 times the price of the gadget smile

What to Look Out for

Be sure to check out the reviews and check out how to use the gift set you are going to buy your special someone.  There are many golf sets out in the market.  Read up on how they are going to be used to make sure if they are functional.

Most Popular Gift Set Brands

Game Golf - Has a digital tracking system that helps you improve your game as it analyzes your overall game.

TOOGOO(R) - Has a cleaning tool for golf sets.

PGA - Has golf sets that are apt for desktop putting.  It consists of a driver, putter and golf grip lids.