THE 10 BEST Fryers
June 2022
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1. Tower £49.99
(from 531 reviews)
2. Tefal £129.99
(from 122 reviews)
3. Tefal £129.99
(from 434 reviews)
4. Quest £26.22
(from 651 reviews)
5. Duronic £69.99
(from 1 review)
6. Tefal £177.26
(from 261 reviews)
7. Tower £39.99
(from 544 reviews)
8. Breville £79.99
(from 495 reviews)
9. Philips £159.00
(from 2 reviews)
10. Russell Hobbs £59.99
(from 480 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Deep Fryers

As much as you would like to eat healthy, live a buff lifestyle and deny yourselves of food that's rich in fat, you should reserve at least twice a week to get cheat days--eat fried chicken, fish and chips and other food that's cooked in oil.  Before, the method of cooking fried chicken, for example was to submerge it in cooking oil and have it cooked into crispy goodness.  But due to modern technology, there are now deep fryers that don't require oil or require oil that's low fat.  Thus, you wouldn't have to feel guilty when eating fried meat.

And so, this guide will discuss the different types of deep fryers, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular deep fryer brands available in the market.

Types of Deep Fryers

Electric Deep Fryer

Electric deep fryers are the most common deep fryers that are available in shops.  They are safe to use compared to propane deep fryers as these can be used indoors.  However, they are generally small in size so, if  you which to cook a turkey in an electric deep fryer, this would cost you a lot but if you stick with small foods like shrimp and fries, a small electric deep fryer would do.  In addition, keep in mind that there are people who think that using an electric deep fryer is not the same as cooking food in a propane fryer and the smell of the fried food lingers inside the fryer.

Propane Deep Fryer

Propane fryers are more popular with home cooks as they claim that fried foods taste better and crispier when cooked in these.  The major drawback is that it can only be used outdoors because it uses propane tanks that are dangerous and should be maintained with caution.

Air Fryer

Air fryers use a technology where foods are fried in all sides.  Thus, making the food crispier but juicier in the inside.  Though they are more expensive, they don't require oil when cooking food, which makes these healthier to eat.  In addition, the air fryers are safer and easier to clean.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Choosing the ideal deep fryer for you depends on your preference.  If you would like to eat food that's crispier and cook in a traditional sense, use propane fryer.  If you wish to eat healthier, go for air fryers.  However, if you want to save money and you don't care much if the fried food is not as crispy as cooked in oil and takes a long time to cook the food, then, go for electric deep fryers.

Here are some of the feedback that buyers are saying about buying a deep fryer:

excellent seller great product

Absolutely rubbish. Three fryers in as many months. Each with a different fault. Got fed up sending them back, so had a refund on the third. All I can say is that I feel good not having to worry about sending anything back. Please avoid  this poor product

Excellent, hardly use the conventional oven. I have been using halogen ovens now 4 - 5 years and can honestly say once you get use to how they work you wonder how you ever managed without one. Perfect for roasts chicken, roast potatoes,  fish and chips. I do not use it as a double oven though (only my partner and I too cook  for)  and neither for pasta dishes like lasagne as I have found the more condensed the dish the harder the oven finds it too manage, for example to top will be  brown and cooked, but the middle still cold. It works very well for what I use it for.

What to Look Out for

As mentioned above, selecting a deep fryer totally depends on your preference--whether you want to taste an authentic crispy fried food like chicken or go for the next best thing--eat healthy fried chicken cooked with no oil.  Before buying a fryer, read up on the reviews that other buyers have so, you'll get an idea if it would work for you or not.  Compare prices to get the best deal and make sure that the product that you buy has warranty in case something happens to the fryer.

Most Popular Deep  Fryer Brands

Tefal - manufactures fryers that only use little oil and cooks frozen foods with no additional oil.  It can cook curries, stir-fry and casseroles.

Tower Health - makes fryers that require less or no oil  and cooks with less fat.  Also, it uses less energy so, it cooks three times faster for the consumption of large families and guests.

Brevillle - makes fryers that has a digital timer, which allows you to leave it while it's cooking and you can return to it once it's done.  Also, it bakes, sautés, friesa nd roasts a wide variety of foods.