THE 34 BEST Facial Trimmers
August 2022
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1. Philips £34.99
(from 264 reviews)
2. Philips £12.80
(from 1 review)
3. Remington £16.98
(from 3 reviews)
4. Schon £14.99
(from 2 reviews)
5. Philips £33.49
(from 1 review)
6. Wahl £7.60
(from 3 reviews)
7. Wahl £13.59
(from 3 reviews)
8. BaByliss For Men £9.48
(from 523 reviews)
9. Panasonic £12.38
(from 1 review)
10. BaByliss For Men £6.02
(from 738 reviews)

Buying Guide to Facial Trimmers

The first thing that people notice about others is the face and if you have unkempt or unwanted hair on your face, they would get turned off and would get a bad impression about you.  That's why facial trimmers are important--they remove unwanted hair or they trim and keep your facial hair neat and clean.

In this buying guide, we'll discuss the different types of  facial trimmers, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Facial Trimmers

Stubble Trimmer

A stubble trimmer trims facial hair very short--as short as 0.3-0.5 millimeters. for the 5 o'clock shadow look.  It can also help you achieve a five or ten day stubble look and it would be great if you have a contour comb attachment as well to better shape your beard all in all.

Beard Trimmer

If you prefer shorter beards, you can adjust the setting of the facial trimmer from 2-5 millimeters.  As for medium beard look, you need to cut at least 10 millimeters off your beard.  Also, if you want to a lumberjack look, you need to remove 20 millimeters from your facial hair.

All-in-One Trimmer

The all-in-one trimmer is apt for people who have a full forest of facial hair.  Usually, this comes with 3 combs--stubble, medium and full--a trimmer blade, a detail blade, a precision T-blade as well as a dual shaver blade.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When buying a facial trimmer, make sure that it fits  your needs and preferences as it depends on how fast your facial hair grows.  Also, read on other people's reviews to help you make your decision on which facial trimmer to buy.

Here are some of the feedback that customers have regarding a facial trimmer:

So, full disclosure, I have owned the two predecessors to this trimmer, the ones with the vacuum attachments, which, although not perfect did at least go some way towards cleaning up the daily mess of beard trimming. Both basically died a battery death, however lasted a reasonable amount of time, however things like the clippings door came loose and had to be secured with a rubber band etc, generally not quite the hoped for quality.

I decided not to go for the vacuum model this time (poor reviews, high price) - I have always found it quite difficult to choose a beard trimmer - I could go a lot more expensive, but then you usually end up with rather poor adjustability, I could go less expensive, but then some of the reviews are extremely mixed. I had pretty much decided not to buy one, but then the previous one decided to die on me...

First things first, this one feels way better quality than its predecessors - not entirely sure what it is, but it just feels ... better. The adjustment is good, and no chance of accidentally adjusting it whilst using it, its easy to clean, and so far is holding its charge beautifully.

However, this is where it gets interesting. After using the previous models I would always get accusations of being spikey and a bit sharp wherever I had trimmed - not so with this one! The cut seems way, way better, and more even (not sure why this would be, but...)

Overall, actually pretty impressed with this little gadget.

It works as advertised... except that it is not able to do a close shave. Even with the comb removed, the shaver is still leaving about 2mm of hair. With the "integrated comb" installed, the 0.4mm (shortest) setting is not achievable, you'll need to add about 3mm to what they claim it could cut.

Really nice trimmer, does a great job on my beard and easy to change the length of the cut. Fully waterproof and holds it charge for a decent amount of time. Would recommend if you see it on offer.

What to Look Out for

When buying a facial trimmer, you need to keep in mind the following:

Easy to clean - the best trimmers have detachable shaving heads that can be removed and cleaned, which helps you get a sanitized cleaning blade.

Power - power is important to make sure that with every pass  of the blade, more hair is cut off from your face.

Batter life - spells convenience as you can use your trimmer longer and it has a short recharging time.

Value - if you can use the trimmer for a long period of time, then, you get value  for money.

Practicality - it's practical if you get a trimmer that you can wash and saves you time.  Also, if you can get a trimmer that is dual voltage so, that you can bring it with you when you travel.

Most Popular Brands

Philips - manufactures beard and stubble trimmer that has system guides that would trim the hair in effortless trim in less strokes.   It has a skin-friendly performance with rounded blade tips and combs to prevent skin irritation.  Also, It's 100% waterproof for easy cleaning.

Skull Shaver - specifically designed for bald heads and face shaving.  It can be used for 90 minutes per single charge and it takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge.

BaByliss For Men  - manufactures battery operated beard and moustache trimmer that has 5-position multi-length comb guide to get your desired length.  It comes with a convenient storage stand and a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.