THE 120 BEST Eyeshadows
June 2022
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1. LaRoc £8.85
(from 716 reviews)
2. Stargazer £2.50
(from 179 reviews)
3. Technic £1.50
(from 26 reviews)
4. Technic £2.18
(from 509 reviews)
5. Technic £1.94
(from 331 reviews)
6. Eye Dew £5.60
(from 59 reviews)
7. JGB £5.99
(from 67 reviews)
8. Maybelline £7.05
(from 206 reviews)
9. Makeup Revolution £9.76
(from 34 reviews)
10. Maybelline £7.95
(from 203 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Eye Shadows

Having the right clothes is important but in order to complete the look and take it to the next level, makeup is key.  So, one of the makeup that a woman uses to highlight her face is an eye shadow.  Its application depends on the time of the day.  Usually, eye shadow is applied lighter during the day.  Whereas, the application is darker during night time. 

There are many brands of eye shadows in a shop that you can choose from but with this guide, we'll discuss some of the types  of eye shadows, what other buyers are saying as well as some tips on buying this makeup.

Types of Eye Shadows

Pressed Powder Shadow -this is the most common type shadow in the market and can be used by all skin types. 

Cream Shadow - this can be used in many ways and it's usually long-lasting even if you have oily skin.

Loose Pigment - this is usually favored by makeup artists since this is used for creating a dramatic look.

Liquid and Stick Shadows - this is best used when you don't have time to retouch your makeup. 

Eye shadow Finishes - this makes the makeup look more natural.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Buying online has some risks in terms of product delivery.  So, there may be cases wherein the eye shadows shadows arrive broken.  There are also instances wherein the product seems fake as they are not as described as on the website.  On the positive note, there are brands of eye shadow makeup that give you a natural, polished look.

What to Look Out For

When buying eye shadow, be sure to select that's easy to use and gives you various looks for day time and night time.   Also, be sure to choose eye shadow makeup that complements your clothes.

Most Popular Eye Shadow Brands

Maybelline - made in the US and a manufacturer of a long line of makeup products.

L'Oreal - made in Paris and one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products.

Mac - another popular brand that offers a wide variety of makeup products for all ages.