THE 110 BEST Eau de Perfume
December 2021
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1. Calvin Klein £27.00
(from 73 reviews)
2. Jimmy Choo £44.34
(from 105 reviews)
3. Yves Saint Laurent £70.45
(from 339 reviews)
4. Beyonce £7.97
(from 128 reviews)
5. Beyonce £10.24
(from 1 review)
6. Vivienne Westwood £19.90
7. Vera Wang £19.90
(from 258 reviews)
8. Katy Perry £12.25
(from 363 reviews)
9. Calvin Klein £68.00
(from 1 review)
10. BOSS £29.95
(from 577 reviews)

Your  Buying Guide to Eau De Perfume

When you smell nice, you feel nice, especially when the perfume complements your body.  There are a lot of perfume available but we are going to discuss the different types of perfume, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Eau De Perfume


Parfum, also known as extrait de parfum or pure perfume, has the highest fragrance concentration. Parfum will contain anywhere from 15% to 40% fragrance however concentration is generally between 20% to 30% for most parfums. Of all scents, parfums last the longest; usually six to eight hours. Parfum generally also commands the highest price of all the fragrance types due to the high concentration of fragrance. People with sensitive skin may do better with parfums as they have far less alcohol than other fragrance types and therefore are not as likely to dry out the skin.

Eau de Parfum

After parfum, eau de parfum (EDP) has the next highest concentration of fragrance. Eau de parfum generally has a fragrance concentration of between 15% and 20%. On average, eau de parfum will last for four to five hours. It is also generally less expensive that parfum and while it does have a higher concentration of alcohol than parfum, it is better for sensitive skin than other fragrance types. Eau de parfum is one of the most common fragrance types and is suitable for everyday wear.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette (EDT) has a fragrance concentration of between 5% and 15%. It is cheaper than eau de parfum and is one of the most popular types of fragrance available. EDT fragrance will normally last for two to three hours. Eau de toilette is considered by some to be for daywear while eau de parfum is considered nightwear. The term eau de toilette came from the French term "faire sa toilette" which means getting ready.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne, or EDC, has a much lower concentration of fragrance than the above types of perfume. EDC generally has a 2% to 4% percent concentration of fragrance and a high concentration of alcohol. It is cheaper than other types of fragrance however the scent generally only lasts for up to two hours. EDC generally comes in bigger bottles and more of the fragrance needs to be used. Originally eau de cologne referred to a traditional recipe that used herb and citrus notes with little anchoring with base notes.

Eau Fraiche

Eau fraiche is similar to eau de cologne in that the scent will generally last for up to two hours. Eau fraiche has an even lower concentration of fragrance than eau de cologne, normally only 1% to 3%. While eau fraiche has a low fragrance concentration, it does not contain a high amount of alcohol. Along with the fragrance, the remainder of eau fraiche is mostly water.

Along with the types of perfume listed above, there are mists, aftershaves, and other types of fragrances available. Higher end fragrances can cost a significant amount of money so doing research beforehand will ensure that you get the type of fragrance you are looking for. Along with fragrance types there are also fragrance notes which determine the final scent. With all of the types and scents available, shopping for perfume is not always easy but it is possible.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Buying perfume is like buying clothes--you need choose one that complements and fits you.  If you choose a smelly perfume, chances are  you'll hate it and other people would get turned off by you.

Here are some feedback that Elizabeth Arden Grass Eau de Parfum Blue has received from its customers:

Purchased this on behalf of my elderly mum who prefers perfumes she has used most of her adult life. This arrived very quickly and was well packaged. Although I knew I ordered 100ml spray the bottle was much larger than expected, which was a bonus. Fragrance true Blue Grass and lasts well. Very good value price wise.

Not smelled this in 33 years and is exactly how i remembered it. I used to pinch it off my mum when i met my first boyfriend at 15. When this came all the memories came back. Funny how scent and music transports you back in time. If you love palma violets you will love this! It just has one of those scents that you wont find in any other perfume. Unique and fresh. Doesnt last that long but was worth the trip down memory lane......

Just a joy to be able still to purchase an old favourite perfume. It takes me back to my youth as it was virtually the first perfume that I was given and I have always loved it.

What to Look Out for

When you buy a perfume, make sure that it complements your body and your personality as well.  Also, read on the ingredients to ensure that you are not allergic to it.  There are a lot of perfumes out there so, be careful in choosing one that you would use.

Most Popular Brands

Elizabeth Arden -  is a household name for perfume for many years and is a favorite of many.  It manufactures perfumes  like the Grass Eau de Parfum Blue, which is a fresh feminine floral bouquet with spicy woody undertones, opening a bottle of blue grass is like an instant trip to the countryside on a summer day.

Calvin Klein - is also a household name for perfume for many  years and manufactures Eternity Moment , which is a feminine scent. With notes of pomegranate, Chinese pink peony blossom, warm rose wood and raspberry cashmere, this is a smooth, luscious scent he won't be able to resist.                      

Paco Rabanne - is also a household name that many customers like, which manufactures fragrance for women.  Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum Spray for Women has orange and raspberry and neroli, orange flower and Arabian jasmine.