THE 12 BEST Ear Plugs
December 2021
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1. Howard Leight £11.00
(from 342 reviews)
2. Moldex £2.79
(from 1 review)
3. Deep Sleeps £9.99
(from 117 reviews)
4. Quies £3.49
(from 505 reviews)
5. Single Use Instruments Ltd - UK £10.96
(from 57 reviews)
6. Earplanes £3.67
(from 221 reviews)
7. Mack's £13.06
(from 210 reviews)
8. Go Travel £9.99
(from 365 reviews)
9. Quies £2.89
(from 94 reviews)
10. Sleepytime £6.90
(from 53 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Ear Plugs

Like any vital part of our body, our ears are important because we use these to hear sounds that are in our surroundings.  And so, we need to do our best in order t protect our ears and prevent loss of hearing.

This guide will discuss the different types of ear plugs, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands of ear plugs in the market.

Types of Ear Plugs

Protection Against Noise

These are designed to protect the ears from loud noises such as when working in a construction site, concerts, festivals or when engaging in a noisy hobby like riding motor bikes.

Protection Against Water

These are designed to protect the ears when in the water during swimming activities.  What's normally used in this matter is reusable silicone ear plugs and they are used for hygiene.

Protection for Sleeping

These are designed to be comfortable and help protect the wearer from loud noises when sleeping. 

What Other Buyers Are Saying

For many buyers, what's important is comfort when they use ear plugs and at the same time, they are looking for those that are reusable as this is more cost-effective.

Below are some feedback from customers who have purchased ear plugs:

A definite step up on quality from the ear plugs I was previously using. The quality of foam is of significantly better quality than most other ear plugs out there, leading to improved comfort and fit over longer durations. The amount of noise reduction (note: reduction - NOT elimination) is quite profound too. The smaller the product, the more the details matter and these ear plugs are a perfect example of something done right. All in all, a highly recommended product from a highly recommended seller.

They say that you get what you pay for and this certainly rings true here.

These plugs are cheap. Cheap for a reason. The reason being they are rubbish. Rolled them into my ears as per instructions but didn't seem to matter what thickness they were went they went "in" their sound blocking properties were, at best, negligible.

This kind of material of earplugs are just what I love and works great for me. I used to get them in Boots but they stop selling them and they were also perfect ( a different brand) and more expensive, So I was surprise to find this earplugs, so many and at a great price! Specially cause I do replace them often! Great purchase!!!

What to Look Out for

When buying ear plugs, be sure to check if these are reusable and comfortable so, that when you use them, your ears would not only be protected from the noise, for example, but would also not cause pain when you're wearing them or your ear wax won't be pushed to your ear drums.  Also, be sure to read on the reviews of the other buyers so, you would be guided on what to buy.

Most Popular Ear Plugs Brands

3M - Its ear plugs provide excellent hearing protection during all-day activities and are reusable and moisture resistant.

Howard Leight - Its sleep ear plugs are comfortable enough to wear so, it won't cause pain when you're sleeping and protects your ears from noise at night.

Snore Calm - Its sleep ear plugs oblige you to sleep on the side in order to get comfort while wearing them.  These are made from hypoallergenic and non-irritating foam.