THE 37 BEST Cuticle Removing Fluids
January 2022
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1. Sally Hansen £5.79
(from 101 reviews)
2. JESSICA £9.50
3. Strictly Professional £4.23
(from 201 reviews)
4. Kaeso £2.99
5. Sally Hansen £3.28
(from 3 reviews)
6. JESSICA £28.03
(from 1 review)
7. Jspoir Melodiz £1.88
8. Strictly Professional £3.88
(from 46 reviews)
9. Sally Hansen £5.95
(from 5 reviews)
10. MAVALA £6.75
(from 54 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Cuticle Removing Fluids

It's of utmost importance that you maintain your nails to be well-groomed and neat and remove hang nails and cuticles to make your hands stay gorgeous.  And so, we would be discussing the different types of cuticle removing fluids, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Cuticle Removing Fluids

Cuticle Cream

Cuticle creams are thick, moisturizing creams meant to be applied liberally to cuticles and nail beds. They can be applied at night or during the day, but nighttime is ideal so that you can apply a thick coat without worrying. Many cuticle creams also contain light exfoliating ingredients that are safe to be left on all day.

Cuticle Remover

For overgrown or thick cuticles, a cuticle remover is a must. Follow the instructions on the bottle as these formulas do differ, but here's the basic idea: Apply a thin ribbon of the cuticle remover (usually in gel form) to cuticles for a minute or two.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil often comes in a bottle that looks similar to nail polish. You can brush it on after a manicure to seal the surface to help resist smudges, but the main purpose is to moisturize the cuticle skin. To keep your manicure looking fresh for a few extra days, remember to brush on some cuticle oil--thick will perk up your nails, smooth dry cuticles, and add a shiny finish to polish that will make everything look instantly better.

Cuticle Remover Gel

It moisturizes as it smoothens cuticles. Fast-acting, lightly fragranced gel gently softens and loosens excess cuticles. Formula with moisturizing Jojoba extract, antioxidant Kiwi extract and nourishing Wheat Protein deeply condition delicate cuticle skin. Built-in pusher tip is perfect for easing back softened cuticles.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When you buy a cuticle remover, be sure to check out the ingredients as it may contain harmful chemicals that you may be allergic to.  Consult your manicurist on what the best cuticle remover you should use.  Also, be sure to read the reviews that other customers have so, you would know their firsthand experience on the product they have bought.

Here are some feedback that a well-known cuticle remover has received from its buyers:

Mixed feeling on this one... it stopped my 8 year old son biting in 3 weeks. My 5 year old daughter on the other hand still bites through the varnish with no obvious dislike to the taste. It definitely depends on the child! Worth a try though as i have had a 50% success rate.

Very good as it's bitter as hell! Doesn't wash off easily as the next morning I could still taste the remnants (I painted one of my own nails to test the bitterness). Best to do it before bed as my son is a biter as he's lying in bed and before school so they're set up for the day.

My daughter ( 13) finally has the nails that she always wanted......we even went for our first manicure together last weekend. Works just as it says it will. Thank you!

What to Look Out for

When buying a cuticle remover, make sure to consider how it would taste like as you would be using your hands to eat and you should choose one that washes easily the next day.  Also, listen to your manicurist and get recommendations.

Most Popular Brands

Mavala - is a popular brand in the UK and worldwide that has a bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel.  It helps break nail biting and thumb sucking.

Sally Hansen - is a popular product worldwide that dissolves dry cuticles in 15 seconds and helps prevent cuticle problems.

Elegant Touch - is a well-known UK brand that has been existence for over 30 years.  It manufactures dry nail spray that softens cuticles in seconds.