THE 4 BEST Brushes & Combs
May 2022
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1. Pourty £5.95
(from 137 reviews)
2. Tommee Tippee £3.79
(from 190 reviews)
3. Enzel £12.99
(from 46 reviews)
4. EQLEF® £7.49
(from 379 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Brushes and Combs

Your hair is your crowning glory so, you need to make sure that you take care of it so, that you can have healthy, beautiful mane of hair.  There are many kinds of brushes and combs to choose from so, we would be discussing the different types of brushes and combs, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular brands.

Types of Brushes and  Combs

A styling brush is a curved brush with natural or synthetic bristles resting in a cushion on one side of the brush. As the name suggests, these brushes are perfect for styling hair, creating volume at the roots, and flipping hair up or curling it under. While these brushes are good for all hair types, they are especially great to use with a hair dryer to add waves to thicker hair.

A large, flat brush, the paddle brush can be rectangular or oval. They generally have softer natural or synthetic bristles that sit in a cushion on one side of the brush. A good go-to brush, the paddle brush works best for straight hair blowouts, smoothing, detangling, and flattening frizz, but doesn’t add much in the way of volume. It’s also good for massaging your scalp and releasing loads of shine.

Round hair brushes have natural or synthetic bristles all the way around the head of the brush. With or without vents, a round brush and a hair dryer are essential tools for shaping hair into just about any style. These brushes come in a multitude of sizes from the very small for tighter curls to the very big for smooth, lucious waves with lots of volume. Consider your hair length and the style you’re trying to achieve when deciding which size round brush you should use.

A great styling tool for any hair type or texture, the teeth of the teasing comb allows you to smooth stray hairs, bumps, and cowlicks, or lightly tease hair. The handle of the comb also helps you section out locks for braiding, curling, or flat ironing. You can even use the rattail handle to section hair for applying hair color.

The best choice for detangling wet hair, a wide tooth comb can be used on any hair type or texture without pulling and breaking your hair the way brush bristles can. Wide tooth combs are also great for pulling hair color through hair and ensuring thorough color saturation.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Whether a child or an adult, it's important to choose a brush or a comb that would be beneficial to your hair.  If you have frizzy hair, choose a detangling brush that would soften your hair.  If you want to tease your hair so, that you would have a styled mane, use a teasing comb.

Here are some feedback that customers have left for a brush intended for baby's use:

I've been using the product for one year. It is still in good condition, apart from the fading writing which doesn't bother me at all.
The brush is soft, so it want hurt baby scalp.
You can't go wrong with this item.

Brush far too soft and therefore doesn't help to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth. Probably only really suitable for the first couple of weeks from newborn but not much use after that. The writing has also rubbed off after just a few uses so it's just a plain brush now. Will use the comb when my little one grows more hair but overall quite disappointing for a Tommee Tippee product.

I use both the comb and the brush but mainly the brush as I am worried to hurt my baby delicate skull with it. but overall nice item.

What to Look Out for

When you buy a brush or a comb for your baby, take note of the type of hair that he or she has as well as what he or she needs for his or her hair.  Ask your pediatrician for recommendation on what to buy your baby and it's your option whether to go for natural brush or comb or synthetic one.

Most Popular Brands

EQLEF - is a popular brand in the UK that manufactures combs made of natural materials like sandalwood and it's helpful for reducing tension and promoting relaxation.

Tommee Tippee - is a brand that manufactures a pair of brushes and combs, which are easy to hold and soft enough to reduce pulling and discomfort while brushing.

Enzel - is a brand that manufactures a set of brushes, which are made of soft bristles so, you don't pull your baby's hair and it even causes him or her to sleep and stimulates hair growth.