THE 72 BEST Blushes
August 2022
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1. Rimmel £3.99
(from 155 reviews)
2. Rimmel £3.99
(from 155 reviews)
3. W7 £3.81
(from 175 reviews)
4. Milani £5.89
(from 397 reviews)
5. theBalm £14.00
(from 103 reviews)
6. SANWOOD £0.39
(from 264 reviews)
7. Maybelline £7.37
(from 90 reviews)
8. Laval £2.09
9. Rimmel £3.99
(from 155 reviews)
10. Max Factor £5.93
(from 3 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Blushes

Your appearance is the first thing that people use to judge you as that is the first thing that they see in you.  If you have a neat look, then, there's a likely chance that people would automatically like you.  As much as we don't want to be judged based on our look, that's the sad truth.  And so, we do what we can to look good.

One way to make yourself presentable is to use makeup and part of that is to use a good blush on your face.  There are many blushes available but we're going to discuss the different types of blushes, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular brands.

Types of Blushes

Cream blush

The cream blush boasts more strong shadow than the powder blush. Thus you should use it sparingly and blend well. Start at the apples of the cheek and combine upward. The cream blush is best applied with the help of your fingers. Whereas it is furthermore dense in environment but it permits your skin display through. Cream blush comprises wealthy moisturizing or oil components therefore it is considered especially apt for the dry skin types. It should be applied over base, but before powder. The elite blush is especially pleasant for the evening makeup. 

Powder blush

Dust blush is usually good for all types of skin. But it is advised the best for the oily skin and for those who are looking for long-lasting hue. Powder blusher is best applied after the face powder. It will stay on peak of your skin and add a translucent glow to it. The powder blush is considered the densest of the blushers. You can use beige or cocoa-brown tone to suit your cheekbones and temples and contour the edges of your nose. For a contour you should use a deeper shadow on the cheek bones. Powder blush could be applied effortlessly as compared to the liquid and cream blush.

Tint blush

When you are planning to use the tint blush you should apply it fast and well. Tint blush can look streaky over base. But once it is set it would not budge until you wash your face. Just like the gel blushes, tint blushes are also very quick in drying.

Gel or fluid blush

The Gel blush adds a sheer glow on your face. The gel blush is usually advised to work best on oily to usual skin because these blushers last longer and many are oil-free. Some are water-resistant, too. The gel blush is of fast-drying nature and thus it is hard to disperse onto dry skin. The gel blush should be applied over foundation or on the bare skin. It will give a supple, fresh-scrubbed look to your face.


The shimmers are advised just for adding a light glow to your face. They are the best alternative for the evening time. You can dab the shimmers on your forehead, in the bow of your eye lid or in the inward corner of your eyes.

Cheek pencils

The cheek pencils are advised best for the beginners. But those who have oily skin should not use cheek pencils as they are often formulated with extra moisturizers and emollients to keep them supple and blendable.


Bronzer is available in lightweight, medium or dark pitch. It is advised as perfect for faking or enhancing the tanned look of your skin. Bronzer is especially flattering to medium and deep-toned complexions. The fair complexion types should choose only the lightest shades. Bronzers are particularly great for the darker coverings as they give a natural-look.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

When you buy a blush, make sure that it complements your skin and test on the makeup counter at a mall to see if it looks good on you before you purchase it.  Also, read the buyers' reviews if you are buying online to check their firsthand experience on the product.

Here are some feedback that a popular brand of blush has received from its customers:

What to Look Out for

When you buy a blush, get a recommendation from your makeup artist and your dermatologist so, that you would know which one is the best you and that you are not allergic to it.  In addition, when you buy a blush, you need to consider your skin type and color so, that you would be able to get one that is right for you.

Most Popular Brands

Milani - is a brand in the US that creates blushers that, which are baked on Italian terracotta tiles and shapes, highlights and contours your cheeks and cheek bones.

Maybelline - is a popular brand in the US that manufactures blushes, which are ultra blendable and soft to the touch and its melts on the skin and provides naturally flushed look.

Max Factor - is a popular US brand that manufactures blushes, which can be used daily and are creamy blushes.