THE 9 BEST Blenders
June 2022
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1. Tommee Tippee £14.99
(from 638 reviews)
2. Tommee Tippee £63.99
(from 205 reviews)
3. Philips £95.99
(from 799 reviews)
4. Kidsme £5.99
(from 3 reviews)
5. OXO Tot £12.49
(from 1 review)
6. Vital Baby £79.99
(from 3 reviews)
7. Kidsme £5.99
(from 2 reviews)
8. Nuby £49.99
(from 44 reviews)
9. Kilo @ WOWOOO £10.95
(from 14 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Blenders

If you happen to love juicing and drinks a lot of liquids on a daily basis, you'll be happy to purchase a blender.  That way, you'll know that what you blend is freshly made juice.

And so, we'll discuss the different types of blenders, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Blenders

Immersion, Hand Blender

These are small range blenders, with less powerful motors, handy when it comes to blending, whisking, whipping, chopping, maneuverability and ease of storage. They come with a very attractive price, at least 1-year warranty and they usually have dishwasher safe parts and functions like multiple speeds and turbo button. They are the cheap and practical solution for people that want to enjoy a healthy smoothie without too much fuss.

Single Serve, Small, Personal Blender

The best arguments for these models is that they are small, easy to use and to clean, relatively cheap and you can use them at home but also take them with you at work or while travelling. In some cases, their jar doubles as a travelling smoothie cup which makes them handy for those in a hurry that still want to enjoy a healthy meal or snack.

Smoothie Blenders

Starting with 50-100$ you can get a medium range blender that is capable of efficient blending results no matter what you blend. With such models you can enjoy extra accessories and functions – like dual jugs for more or less servings, designated button for ice crushing, more speed and power.

Frozen Dinks Blender

If you enjoy partying, entertaining and love to experience with different mixes and ingredients, a drinks blender is a must have. Such models “shave” the ice instead of crushing it for smoother texture of your frozen drinks, margaritas, Pina coladas, daiquiris and frozen smoothies. These models usually take up more space so make sure you have enough on your countertop.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are many blenders available to buy so, purchase one that depends on your preference.  If  you want a drink to take to work, then, choose a single serve, small, personal blender.  Meanwhile, if are fond of frozen beverages, buy a frozen drinks blender.

Here are some of the feedback that a well-known blender maker, Philips, has received from its customers for one of its blenders:

We have used it quite a lot, great building quality. It does make some noise when in use, so make sure your babylishous is not sleeping right next to the machine when using it. The food is VERY hot, so a little time to make it cool down as it stays hot for a long time. Very durable and I only had to buy a new lid for it, because I dropped it after couple of years use and it broke, so nice you can buy spare parts and for a good price. All in all this was an indispensable product for us, when the kids were little and I can give my warmest recommendations for this product when you have them cute little kiddies <333

This is a product I have used before (7 years back for my older one) and worked perfectly then. Not sure what happened but I tried a carrot purée for my baby on the brand new machine as per instructions and the blade melted while trying to blend with pieces of plastic in the purée itself. Very disappointed considering it's a Phillips Avent priced at £112 and one of the most expensive ones on the market. I complained to Amazon immediately and the product has now been recalled till further investigations.

Big mummies helper.  This superb Avent steamer/blender the best thing which mums must have, easy to use, all in one thing either you want just to steam or blend perfect machine.  When you finish to steam it starts to beep and beeps until you switch it on.  Comes with a recipe book.

What to Look Out for

Buying a blender depends on you preference and your budget as well.  If you like to juice up, then, invest in a well-known blender that can be used for so many years.  Be sure to check the features, electricity consumption and see to it that there's a nearby service center where you can take it for repair.

Most Popular Brands

Philips - is a well-known brand of electronic appliances that makes blenders like a  combined baby food steamer and blender, making sure that what your young one eats is freshly made and with no artificial ingredients.

Tommee Tippee - is a popular product in the UK where it's a combined baby food steamer and blender.

OXO Tot - is a brand that makes a mash maker baby food mill that grinds food that your baby can eat.  It has stainless steel blades and grinding plates.