THE 7 BEST Bathing Tubs & Seats
August 2022
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1. Shnuggle £19.90
(from 316 reviews)
2. Angelcare £20.99
(from 685 reviews)
3. Safety 1st £11.91
(from 1 review)
4. Safety 1st £11.99
(from 1 review)
5. Skip Hop £33.00
(from 9 reviews)
6. Safety 1st £10.99
(from 1 review)
7. Munchkin £10.99

Your Buying Guide to Bathing Tubs and Seats

Babies are our pure bundle of joy so, we must ensure that they stay safe even when they are given a bath.  There are many bathing tubs and seats that are sold online and in shops for babies but this guide would discuss the different types of bathing tubs and seats, what other buyers are assaying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands out in the market.

Types of Bathing Tubs and Seats

Basic  Tubs -  these are tubs that are flat at the bottom.

Tubs with a foam-lined contoured interior - these allow a baby who can't sit up yet to be in a semi-upright  position.

Tubs with supportive, internal nylon mesh slings - these has padded headrests that holds newborns.

Inserts that don’t include a tub - they're more than a sling that you can attach to a regular bathtub and a sink to prop your baby up.

Tubs designed to fit in the sink -  these can be converted into a tub that can be placed in a regular bathtub when your baby can sit up.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

As mentioned before, there are many bathing tubs and seats available for your baby to use so, be sure to canvass which one fits your needs. 

Here are some of the feedback that buyers have regarding this product:

Great bath, we love the bump to avoid little one slipping and the back is a great comfy non-slip surface. When we were at NCT we were laughed at for having one of these - few months on and 3 more owners of shnuggle baths out of the group after swapping stories of how their products hadn't loved up to expectations. Very pleased and highly recommended.

Lovely little bath tub! Perfect for new born,
My little son loves it he can stay up right without me having to support him to much, so good I bought 2 ! One for our house , one for grandparents house for when we go down to visit .

When you have a baby, people will try to convince you that you need to buy hundreds of products. For the most part, you can ignore such advice, but you do need this. This is, without doubt, the easiest, safest and most fun way to bath baby. The bump keeps them from slipping and allows them to enjoy a bath.

I wish we had purchased this for when my son was a newborn rather than the long baby bath we had. He loves being able to sit up and play with the water, feels much more interactive rather than him being held or resting. So comfy for him and its quick to fill up.

Fantastic! Perfect for our wriggly four month old, a real back saver for us since there's no more slipping about. Wish we'd bought it sooner, totally worth the money.

What to Look Out for

When buying a bathing tub or seat, be sure to look out for those that fit your baby's needs.  Take his age into account as this would dictate the product that you need to purchase.  Read up on reviews and research on many websites before buying.

Most Popular Brands

Angelcare  - manufactures ergonomically designed bath support that provides good support, comfort and safety for the baby.

Shnuggle - makes bathing tubs that are fit for newborns and babies up to 12 months.  The product is made up of large, warm foam backrest and grippy non-slip feet that can be used in the shower, kitchen sink, bath or on the floor.

  Salinka - manufactures non-slip bathing mats for your baby that comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage.