THE 16 BEST Bath Mats
May 2022
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1. LIFECART £3.44
(from 67 reviews)
2. Catherine Lansfield £7.99
(from 452 reviews)
3. Clevamama £1.00
(from 258 reviews)
4. Anlass £9.99
(from 7 reviews)
5. Anlass £9.99
(from 8 reviews)
6. Non slip £11.59
7. Towelsrus £7.95
(from 118 reviews)
8. Sabichi £7.32
(from 533 reviews)
9. Allure Bath Fashions £32.00
(from 65 reviews)
10. Ikea £5.19
(from 15 reviews)

Your Buying  Guide to Bath Mats

Taking a long, hot shower in the shower enclosure or a bubble bath in the bath tub is an ideal way to de-stress yourself.  Imagine having the water calm your nerves and melt away the aches and pains after a hard day's work.  However, much as you'd like to stay in the shower or in a bath tub, you need to get out and about to prepare for bed.  And this is where safety needs to be taken into consideration.  W hen you get out of the shower enclosure or bath tub, there should be a bath mat that should be used so, that it would prevent you from slipping and, thus, cause you to be in an accident.

And so, in this guide, we would be discussing the different types of bath mats, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands.

Types of Bath Mats

Non-slip Microfiber Bathroom Mat

This mat is gWhat reat at absorbing moisture, dries faster, won't slip and built to last.  It has a soft, quick drying material and anti-skid backing layer that prevents you from slipping as you leave the shower enclosure or the bat tub.

Non-Slip Anti-Bacterial Mat

This will keep you, your children, the elderly and the disabled to take a bath and to not have to worry abut your safety compromised during this time.  It has powerful suction cups that attach to a non-textured shower floor or tub surface.  It also prevents molds and other bacteria from infesting the mat as well as it's durable so, you can use for a long time.

Rubber Mat

It has strong suction cups that prevent bathers from slipping and causing an accident.  At the same time, it massages your feet while you are on water.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

It's important to ensure your safety while taking a bath in a shower enclosure or a bath tub so, that you won't slip while getting out.  At the same time, you must protect your feet from getting harmful bacteria like molds and mildews so, you must choose a mat that's also anti-bacterial.

Here are some of the feedback that buyers have particularly about a rubber bath mat:

I bought this bath mat following my husbands hip replacement as we were advised by the hospital to get one due to slip risk in the shower it's a large good quality mat for the money, smells very rubbery and left my fingers white when I first unraveled it and put it in the bath but I would expect that it being rubber.
It has lots of suction cups so stays nicely put unlike cheaper pvc ones I've tried in the past.... Doesn't feel uncomfortable when lying in the bath either!
Looks inoffensive and does the job, would recommend!

It's OK - but not brilliant. It doesn't stick very well to our bath, I'm not sure if this is just too big for our bath or what, but it doesn't serve it's purpose very well (safely) when it slips 50% of the time.

Ok - I've had one myself for over a year now. I don't leave it in the bath after a shower or bath but rinse it and leave it sucker side up to drain. I have had absolutely no problems with mold or black spots. I clean it on average once a week with a general use bathroom spray and scrub it just when cleaning the bath - nothing major and it still looks new. Hence today just searched my purchases to buy one for my dad. Not white white but not grey either as some have suggested. Don't leave it in the bath as yes it will get a build up of ******* whatever you leave in the bath, just rinse and hang. Very good for the price.

What to Look Out for

When buying a bathroom mat, choose one that gives you peace of mind when taking a bath.  Select those that sticks well to your shower floor or bath tub and make sure that these don't allow molds or mildew to form on the mat and are easy to wash.  Read on reviews to gain ideas about the different brands and types of mats that are in the market.  Be informed on what to choose and use.

Most Popular Bath Mat Brands

Sabichi - It makes rubber mats that are slip-resistant and prevents mold and mildew from forming on the mat.  Also, the mats are easy to clean as they only need to be hand washed.

Croydex - It creates natural rubber mats that are slip-resistant and treats with a microbial additive to prevent the mat from having harmful germs.

Towelsrus - It manufactures rubber mats with suction cups and are anti-fungal.