THE 9 BEST Baby Monitors
May 2022
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1. Motorola £19.99
(from 1 review)
2. BT £23.99
(from 27 reviews)
3. ANAPULSE £34.95
(from 382 reviews)
4. Jumper £20.99
(from 1 review)
5. Motorola £98.99
(from 875 reviews)
6. Angelcare £79.99
(from 1 review)
7. Angelcare £75.00
(from 30 reviews)
8. Motorola £133.59
(from 171 reviews)
9. Tommee Tippee £167.48
(from 246 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Baby Monitors

When  you are in a different area in your house--be it in the kitchen or in the living room busy with your chores--you would like to know if your baby needs you.  You can either get an audio baby monitor or a digital one with video in order for your baby to get your attention and rush to him when needed.

And so, we would be discussing the different types of baby monitors, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for and some of the most popular brands in the market.

Types of Baby Monitors

Baby Sound Monitors The most commonly used type of baby monitor purchased by parents is the sound monitor. These are available in analog and digital models. Sound monitors have a transmitter that will pick up any sounds coming from baby’s room and transmit them to the receiver. This allows parents to hear when the baby wakes up from a nap or if the baby is crying in the middle of the night for a feeding. These types of monitors are often portable and may have more than one receiver. Parents can then listen to their babies from all over the home. Baby Video Monitors When sound is not enough, parents may want the extra comfort that comes with seeing what baby is doing. Baby video monitors have a camera with a microphone that transmits images and sound to a display on the receiver. The receiver is usually a handheld device with a small black and white or color screen. Some models have portable screens that can be carried around, while others may need to stay in one place. Other models can stream video to the Internet so that parents have the ability to watch their babies from any computer with an internet connection.

Depending on the type of video monitor and the features that come with it, these monitors may have an LCD display, multiple cameras for placement in different parts of the room or house, night vision, and automatic camera scanning. Depending on the family’s needs for the baby video monitor, the picture quality will determine how useful the monitor is. Parents that just need to see movement from baby could do well with a small screen with a lower resolution. Parents that want a crystal clear picture of baby at all times may want to invest in a color screen with night vision and high resolution.

Baby Motion Monitors Baby motion monitors are different in that they don’t usually transmit the baby’s sound or movement. Instead, these types of Wireless Baby Monitor have a sensor that is placed under the mattress of the baby’s crib to detect when the baby moves. Babies will move several times while they are asleep, and when the baby does not move for more than 20 seconds an alarm on the receiver will sound. Some motion monitors will also transmit sounds so that parents can listen for breathing and crying. These types of monitors are often used with babies born prematurely or babies that have some health complications.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are many  baby monitors available and you should buy one based on your preferences and budget.  Usually, an audio baby monitor should suffice but if you have money to spend, choose a video monitor or a motion baby monitor.  That way, you can see what your baby is doing while you do your chores.

Here are some feedback that one of the baby monitor, Motorola Video Monitor, that customers have left:

Works well. Easy to setup. No problems with the remote and it connects even through thick Victorian walls when our normal wifi gives up. Most impressed by this aspect. Very good and clear picture. iPhone App works well.

I was really disappointed with this monitor. The mini USB ports are really loose and the cables fall out really easily. At times the volume doesnt work. I like the video quality and how easy it is to set up. But I am incredibly frustrated with the poor quality of charging ports. Now when i read the reviews i am not the only one who has experienced this problem.

Works over WiFi or 3G - overall really good. Only downside that parent unit image quality is bit poor, and same image on mobile over 3G is better. Other things worth noting is that "talkback" is quite tricky, and battery on parent unit from full charge can last up to 2 hours only. So need to keep it charged over night.

What to Look Out for

When choosing a baby monitor, you need to base it on your needs, preferences and budget.  Be sure to read the instructions on how to use it before you purchase it so, that you get your money's worth.  Check and test how the monitor is charged as that's usually the complaint of customers.

Most Popular Brands

Motorola - is a well-known brand that manufactures both audio and video baby monitors.  It makes video baby monitors that has a motorized pan, tilt and digital zoom, two-way communication and infrared night vision.

Angelcare - a brand that manufactures audio baby monitors that have an audio tic feature, nursery night light and sound activated LED lights as well as a low battery indicator and out of range alarm.

BT - is a manufacturer of audio baby monitors that have interference free digital HD sound, sound sensitive LEDS and long range of up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors so, you don't miss a sound.