THE 13 BEST Air Freshener
August 2022
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1. Pingi £6.15
(from 1 review)
2. California Car Scents £1.00
(from 894 reviews)
3. Yankee Candle £4.79
(from 43 reviews)
4. Jelly Belly £2.29
(from 140 reviews)
5. Yankee Candle £4.79
(from 33 reviews)
6. FreshAir £13.99
(from 144 reviews)
7. California Car Scents £3.79
(from 210 reviews)
8. Little Trees £0.01
(from 79 reviews)
9. Qualtex £2.32
(from 1 review)
10. Jelly Belly £2.94
(from 256 reviews)

Your Guide to Buying Air Fresheners

When you are a clean and kept person, you know that it is important to have a clean and nice-smelling environment--be it in your house, your car and everywhere else.  Air fresheners are handy when you have pets in your home or if you smoke indoors as these remove undesirable odors. 

There are many types of air freshener that you can choose from: the one that comes from spraying cans, the one that is made of gel and is contained in a can, the one that you just tie up to you window, for example, the one comes in a gel form that you attach to your bathroom tile and the one that comes in the form of a scented candle.

And so, in this guide, we will discuss the different types of  air fresheners, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular air freshener brands.

Types of Air Fresheners


Sprays are the most common air freshener that is widely available in the market--whether online or offline.  They are used to remove undesirable odors and help sanitize the surroundings.


Glade was the first company to make plug-in air freshener that you can use for bathrooms, for instance.  This would need to be plugged in to a electrical socket in order for it to work.


Gels are made up of jelly-like substance that emits fragrance whenever the air hits this.


Potpourri is made up of dried up fragrant materials that people use if they are worried about the environment or their health.

Scented Candles

Scented candles have been around for years and what happens is that once the wax melts, a scent is emitted into the atmosphere.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Buying an air freshener depends on where you're going to use them--be it inside your house or your car--in order to mask the awful odors that your pets or smoking emit.  But before you purchase an air freshener, here are some of what other buyers are saying about the one that they have availed online:

Excellent air fresheners. I have been buying these for years now and still they are unbeaten by any other air fresheners out there. They easily last 60+ days and they all smell amazing and always get great comments from anyone who takes a smells them.

I usually buy these from town. And are much more there than here! So i ordered these. And they are one of the best air fresheners I've tried and i have a little obsession with them so have tried hundreds. These came very quickly! And are great. Thank you seller! 

Was too strong for my liking, I persisted with it for a few more days before having to give it away. Got to a point where it was sickening, maybe my nasal sensors are too sensitive as most people rate this product well, not for me.

Smell is strong but he doesn't like it. It really smell very bad and I ordered 2 of these i asked from friends they all says the same happy to know it's not just me who think this smell stinks

What to Look Out For

Before you buy, it is important to read the reviews first as you need to consider if it would be a fit for you or otherwise.  You need to consider where you're going to use it, if it's harmful to the environment or your health and if the scent that the air freshener would emit is not too much for you.

Most Popular Air Freshener Brands

California Scents - is a whole range of car air freshener products that is widely used to help your vehicle smell fresh and fragrant.

Yankee Candle - is a whole range of air freshener products that help you car or small spaces smelling fresh and clean.

Little Trees - has versatile air freshener products that can freshen up your car, bathrooms, office or your home.  Also, these are effective for weeks.

Cleenol - has a range of air freshener products that normally last for a month.  Also, the canister is refillable.