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January 2018
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Your Guide to Buying Earrings

Just like clothes and other accessories, jewelry makes a statement of what a person is.  And so, this guide will talk about the different earrings that's available in shops and what people can buy.

Types of Earrings

Stud - the most common type of earrings, this "floats" directly on the earlobe

Hoops -  this looks like rings that pass through ear piercings and have a wide variety of shapes and sizes

Drops -   this has two parts: attachment to the earlobe and an ornamental piece that hangs from the attachment

Dangles - has a hanging piece that is built in a style that sways and dangles below the earlobe

Chandelier - it has many levels of decorations, which appear as dangling

Huggies - a type of hoop earring but tinier and are classier in look

Tear Drop - has a hanging portion that in the shape of a tear drop.  It 's composed of tear drop shaped stones

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Mostly, sterling silver are sold online so, it won't get disappointed if the earrings got lost.  Also, some buyers have mentioned that the earrings they bought are smaller so, they pass it on to other members of the family so, these can still be put to use.

What to Look Out For

Look out for shape, size and materials used on the earrings.

Most Popular Earring Brands

925 Sterling Silver - earrings that are not costly

Hosaire - fashion earrings that are small and lightweight