THE 94 BEST Conditioners
September 2019
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1. TIGI Bed Head £6.70
(from 236 reviews)
2. As I Am £6.49
(from 140 reviews)
3. TRESemme £2.75
(from 60 reviews)
4. Mane 'n Tail £3.99
(from 72 reviews)
5. Keratin Kits £7.99
(from 376 reviews)
6. Palmer's £3.75
(from 367 reviews)
7. TRESemme £5.44
(from 27 reviews)
(from 430 reviews)
9. Sevenhills Wholefoods £6.99
(from 190 reviews)
10. Childs Farm £2.99
(from 74 reviews)

Your Buying Guide to Conditioners

Your hair is your crowning glory so, you need to maintain your hair's neat and healthy state.  There are many conditioners that you can try to use and so, we would be discussing the different types of conditioners, what other buyers are saying, what to look out for as well as some of the most popular brands.

Types of Conditioners

Pack conditioners are heavy and thick, with a high content of surfactants that are able to bind to the hair structure and "glue" the hair surface scales together. These are usually applied to the hair for a longer time. The surfactants are based on long, straight aliphatic fatty acid chains similar to saturated fatty acids. Their molecules have a tendency to crystallize easily, giving the conditioner higher viscosity, and they tend to form thicker layers on the hair surface.

Leave-in conditioners are thinner and have different surfactants, which add only a little material to the hair. They are based on unsaturated fatty acid chains, which are bent, not straight. This shape makes them less prone to crystallizing, making a lighter, less viscous mixture and providing a significantly thinner layer on the hair. The difference between pack and leave-in conditioners is similar to the difference between fats and oils, the latter being less viscous. Leave-in conditioner is designed to be used in a similar way to hair oil, preventing the tangling of hair and keeping it smooth. Its use is particularly prevalent by those with naturally curly or kinky hair.

Ordinary conditioners combine some aspects of pack and leave-in conditioners. Ordinary conditioners are generally applied directly after using shampoo, and manufacturers usually produce a conditioner counterpart for different types of shampoo for this purpose.

Hold conditioners, based on cationic polyelectrolyte polymers, hold the hair in a desired shape. These have a function and composition similar to diluted hair gels.

What Other Buyers Are Saying

There are many types of conditioner that you an use.  It just depends on your preference and hair type.  So, when you purchase one, be sure to read the reviews that other customers have left for the product they have bought.  Here are some feedback that a popular argan oil leave-on conditioner has received from its buyers:

This is my second bottle of this product and i find it comparable to some of the more expensive branded hair oils for a fraction of the cost. I have long thick hair with dry ends. A quick spritz of this oil on wet hair before blow drying makes it a lot more manageable. A bottle lasts 6 months if you use it 2-3 times a week. I will definitely carry on using for the forseeable future.

its really strange that this conditioner actually dries out my hair after a while. glad i didn't spend much on it. also when you initially stray the conditioner it has a coffee smell infused in the scent. not for me sorry, but looking at the reviews it must be working right on some people. ps, i have medium length straight colored fine hair.

Smells gorgeous. It's better suited if you wash your hair everyday and use it on damp hair. Otherwise it doesn't do much if you just spray into dry hair. Also it's not long lasting. The softness and sheen disappears overnight. On the plus side, it's non greasy and when you do spray into damp hair it does give it a nice smooth texture.

What to Look Out for

When  you buy a conditioner, seek your hairdresser's recommendation as he knows which one would work for you.  Be ready to try many kinds before you settle for the one that leaves your hair shiny, soft and healthy.  Read the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to it and choose one that has natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

Most Popular Brands

Cream of Nature - is a brand that manufactures argan oil leave-on conditioner, which protects the hair from damage and heat styling.  It also moisturizes hair, adds exotic shine, detangles and provides protection.      

John Frieda - is a brand that manufactures leave-on conditioner, which eliminates hair frizz, contains vitamins A, C and E and increases manageability of your hair.

L'Oreal - is a popular French brand that manufactures conditioner which is silicone free, lightweight roots fluid and provides radiance to your hair.